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November 28, 2018

Did you happen to purchase any new appliances this year? Maybe you replaced the dehumidifier in your basement, purchased a new room air conditioner for your apartment, or added a room air cleaner to your living room. Maybe you made an even bigger upgrade, like replacing your old, inefficient dryer with a new, energy-saving one. If you bought a qualifying ENERGY STAR® certified model of any of these appliances you may be sitting on extra savings! The Sponsors of Mass Save® – Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid, and Unitil – offer generous rebates on these new, certified appliances, but you only have until January 31, 2019 to submit your rebate application for appliances purchased in 2018. Learn how much you can get back and why you might want to consider upgrading to more energy-efficient models sooner rather than later.

Dehumidifiers - $30 Rebate

ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers use about 28 percent less energy than similarly-sized conventional models. Over the lifetime of your unit, this translates to about $300 in savings if you make the switch to a certified unit. These energy-savings have been made possible through impressive innovations to improve the efficiency of compressors, refrigerator coils, and fans.

If you happened to purchase a new dehumidifier in 2018, or if you’re looking to make a purchase now during the off-season, don’t forget to submit for your Mass Save $30 rebate! If you’re left uncertain about what to do with your old unit, you can recycle it with us next spring at a Mass Save Dehumidifier Turn-in Event where you can submit for another $30 rebate, too. In 2017, we hit a milestone of recycling over 1,000 units since starting these turn-in events in 2015; this year, we’re proud to say that over 3,400 dehumidifiers have now been recycled, thanks to your participation!

Room Air Cleaners - $40 Rebate

Room air cleaners, also known as room air purifiers, are a great addition to any living space. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, you have a loveable but sometimes smelly pet, or you’re looking to keep your indoor air quality as pristine as possible, a room air cleaner may be just the solution. Standard models are rather inefficient, especially since they have to run often; in comparison, ENERGY STAR certified room air cleaners use 40 percent less energy and can save you more than $250 over the lifetime of the unit. On top of these savings, just by purchasing an ENERGY STAR certified unit, you can submit for a Mass Save $40 rebate. This rebate can help make your purchase more affordable, and the addition of a room air cleaner is surely going to make your home feel more comfortable for you, your family, or your roommates.

Room Air Conditioners - $40 Rebate

Room air conditioners certainly aren’t on anyone’s mind during the crisp fall days, but we can’t let you forget about them! If you happened to purchase an ENERGY STAR certified room air conditioner this summer, we hope you submitted your application for a Mass Save $40 rebate. If not, there’s still time! Certified models use 10 percent less energy than those that are non-certified, which can really make a difference during those hot summer months that bring occasional heat waves. Over the unit’s lifetime, you can save up to $60 just by switching to a model that’s certified. To ensure your unit provides these savings, you do need to be careful that you pick a unit correctly sized for your home, as indicated in our easy-to-follow room air conditioner buying guide.

Electric Clothes Dryers - $50 Rebate

Electric clothes dryers have come a long way. Today’s models are far more energy-efficient, and those that are ENERGY STAR certified use 20 percent less energy than conventional models. Certified models achieve this level of efficiency through smart heating technologies that require less energy to dry clothes, as well as smart controls that sense when your clothes are dry. You can also find models that are different styles and have different capacities to fit your needs, but – even with the improved efficiencies – will not hinder performance or functionality. For instance, today there are even connected dryers that you can monitor and control from your smartphone! If you happened to replace your electric clothes dryer or if you’re looking to do so before the end of the year, don’t forget to submit for your Mass Save $50 rebate!

We hope you take advantage of these great rebate offers as we work together to improve energy efficiency across Massachusetts. In 2017, over 19,000 rebates were submitted for the purchase of these four types of energy-saving appliances alone – think about all the savings that equated to, and what additional savings we can collectively accumulate by the end of 2018! If you don’t get around to making any of these upgrades this year, we are happy to announce that we will be offering rebates for these appliances again in 2019, too. For more information on rebates and incentives offered by Mass Save, visit our rebates page.

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