Customers report overwhelming satisfaction with heat pump installation and performance.

The results are in!

September 23, 2022

Of the nearly 1,000 customers who participated, an impressive 94% of Eversource customers reported they are either satisfied or very satisfied with the performance of their heat pump.

Eversource, a proud sponsor of Mass Save, recently issued a heat pump satisfaction survey to thousands of residential customers who have received heat pump rebates over the past two years. 

Many customers reported they learned about this efficient, environmentally friendly technology through their neighbors, friends or family.

Whether in search of more comfort, lower heating and air conditioning costs, or increased control over their home's temperature, people are finding that efficient and convenient heat pumps are getting the job done.

What customers are saying about heat pump performance:

Leo from Plymouth, Massachusetts, noted their heat pump "looks good, lowers heating costs," and has added air conditioning to their home. Belinda from Lincoln remarked: "It's quieter and warmer than I expected," while Phyllis from Millis, Massachusetts, declared: "Major efficiency and savings achieved!"

95% of Eversource customers are also satisfied or very satisfied with their heat pump installation.

Contractors participating in the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network work with homeowners to meet their specific heating and cooling needs, and help customers understand what to expect with installation, operating costs and proper maintenance practices.

What customers are saying about heat pump installation:

"The installers were professional, did a great job and explained everything to us about how to operate the units and who to call if we had any questions," said Wendy from Greenfield, Massachusetts. Alicia from Roxbury noted that the "installers were very efficient and easy to have in my home," while Eric from Holliston, Massachusetts, summed up his experience: "Excellent support. Quick installation. Great system."

When you are ready to make heat pumps part of your home, the Sponsors of Mass Save have all the resources you need to start saving energy and money. You can learn more about heat pumps or use our heating comparison calculator to compare the annual cost and carbon emissions savings from investing in a new heating and cooling system. And when you're ready to start exploring if a heat pump system is right for your home, it's easy to find a contractor near you. No matter which system you choose, the Sponsors of Mass Save are here to support you every step of the way on your journey to energy-efficiency.

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