8 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner to a More Efficient One

June 21, 2017

Has it been a while since you’ve replaced your air conditioner? Maybe it’s not working as well as it once did and your bills show it. Or maybe you’ve moved into a home with an older cooling system and you’re not sure of its history. It might be time to consider a replacement.
By switching to a high efficiency air conditioner and taking other actions to lower cooling costs, like performing regular maintenance and making home weatherization improvements, you can help reduce your air conditioner’s energy usage by 20-50%, according to the Department of Energy.
Here are seven ways to tell if it’s time to upgrade your cooling system to a more efficient option.

1) Your current air conditioner is 10 years old or older.

A central air conditioner or central heat pump can last 15-20 years if it’s maintained regularly. But as it ages, it uses more energy and is less effective at cooling, even if it’s technically still working. Given advancements in cooling technology, today’s systems are much more efficient, as much as 30% more.

2) Your bills are adding up.

As is the case with an older vehicle, an older air conditioner will break down over time, leading to costly maintenance bills. In addition, it uses more energy to operate, so your utility bills will increase. To avoid these unnecessary costs before they happen, it’s wise to replace your air conditioner before it completely breaks.

3) Your air conditioner has a SEER less than 13.

Today’s most efficient units have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) greater than 16. The average rating for units produced after 2006 is 13. Anything less than that is inefficient by today’s standards and you should consider upgrading to save money on energy costs in the future.

4) Your air conditioner is noisy.

This may be a sign that you have an undersized duct system, but if it’s especially noisy whenever you have the air conditioner running, it could mean there is an issue with the indoor coil of your cooling system.

5) You struggle with inconsistent room temperatures.

Again, this may be a duct issue, in particular air leaks in your duct system, which can be sealed. It may also mean your air conditioner is having a hard time producing enough cool air to distribute throughout your home. It’s a good idea to call an HVAC specialist to identify the issue.

6) Your home feels too humid.

Much of the reason why you feel comfortable when your air conditioner runs is due to it removing humidity from the air in your home. But when your air conditioner struggles to operate, it also can’t dehumidify as effectively, leaving your home feeling clammy. Issues with humidity in your home may also be a result of having an air conditioner that is oversized for your space.

7) You just don’t feel comfortable at home.

Above all else, if your air conditioner isn’t improving how you feel in your home, something just isn’t right. If this is the case, along with any of the above issues, it’s probably time to upgrade.

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