Efficient commercial water heaters offer a spectrum of savings

August 04, 2022

The Sponsors of Mass Save® are excited to bring you savings on a range of energy-efficient commercial water heater technologies. With instant incentives at the time of purchase on water heaters, pool heaters and high-speed clothes washers, your business can save energy now and in the future.


The bottom line: efficient water heaters can increase savings

If your business is eyeing a move toward greater energy efficiency, upgrading your water heater equipment is an impactful place to start.

Did you know that in commercial applications, water heating can account for 20% of natural gas use? Installing a high-efficiency water heater can not only save in energy bills and lower water costs, it can also improve the comfort of those using your facilities.


Where to start

Whether your business requires a conventional water heater, or has specialty needs like a pool heater or a commercial clothes washer, the Sponsors of Mass Save have you covered. Instant incentives help offset the cost of upgrading your equipment. You can also enjoy reduced maintenance costs over the lifetime of more efficient commercial water heaters.


Spotlight on electric heat pump water heaters

New in 2022: The Sponsors now offer instant customer incentives on commercial electric heat pump water heaters. For commercial facilities with existing electric, propane, oil or natural gas fueled systems, upgrading to a commercial electric heat pump water heater can net you up to $2,200 in savings per unit.

Electric heat pump water heaters are a good example of a single efficient upgrade that has a big impact on the energy use of your business. Electric heat pump water heaters are 2–3 times more efficient than conventional electric water heaters and use less than half the energy of a traditional unit. Heat pump water heaters also last longer, are easy to maintain and can help reduce your carbon footprint.


Ready to start maximizing your savings?

Taking advantage of instant incentives on energy-efficient commercial water heaters is easy:

  • Ask your contractor to reach out to a participating distributor.
  • Have your contractor provide the distributor with the installation address and site information for your project.
  • Receive your instant incentive at the point of purchase.


Whichever commercial water heater you choose, the Sponsors of Mass Save provide the instant incentives you need to make your business as energy efficient as possible. Learn more at MassSave.com/CI-Water-Heaters

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