Cool Down With These Summer Saving Tips

June 29, 2017

It’s almost summertime. Who’s ready for games at Fenway, weekend trips to the Cape, and kids off from school? Now, who’s ready for the summer heat?
By following these five tips, you can have a cooler summer while saving money on energy.

Plenty of cold water

There’s no shortage of benefits achieved by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Mix it up with a bit of flavor by adding a slice of lemon, lime, orange, mint or cucumber. Staying hydrated helps keep your body temperature down, allowing you to set your thermostat to a higher, energy-saving temperature like the recommended 78°F.

Avoid using heat-generating appliances until the coolest parts of the day

Running your laundry appliances or dishwasher can heat up your space a few degrees. Put off that load of clothes or dishes until the sun has gone down or the next morning if you want to give your A/C a break. Likewise, your oven and stove will heat up your kitchen, so on the hottest days look for meals that can be enjoyed cold or make it a grilling night.

Keep your showers lukewarm

If you spend the day out in the sun, you probably wouldn’t want a hot shower in the first place. But there are a few reasons why you should turn down the hot water. For starters, you’ll keep your body temperature lower. Second, you’ll reduce the amount of heat and humidity in your bathroom. Finally, you’ll save on water heating costs.

Get the right size and right placement for window A/C units

When selecting window A/C units to cool a room (or rooms) in your home, it’s important to size them properly for the space. The temptation may be to go with the highest amount of BTUs for maximum cooling, but a unit too big for the space won’t effectively remove humidity from the air, leaving you feeling “clammy.” The US Department of Energy recommends 20 BTU per square foot, as a rule of thumb. Additionally, placing the A/C on a north-facing wall, ideally shaded, helps it cool efficiently and effectively.

Take advantage of hot rebates for a cooler summer

Mass Save wants every Massachusetts resident to have access to efficient cooling solutions. That’s why we offer rebates and incentives on a variety of products and services that will help keep you cool this summer. You may be eligible for:

  • Up to $500 on Central Air Conditioning or Central Heat Pump Systems, with 0% interest through the Mass Save HEAT Loan program
  • Up to $2,000 off insulation along with no-cost targeted air sealing
  • Up to $100 off the latest Wi-Fi thermostats


To see the many ways you can save on efficient cooling solutions, visit our Heating and Cooling page.



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