Electrification in Massachusetts

Repowering Massachusetts by Helping Residents and Businesses Shift Away from Fossil Fuels
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Over 65 percent of Massachusetts’ carbon emissions come from our homes, businesses, and vehicles. Replacing fossil fuel technologies in our homes and businesses with high-efficiency electric options will significantly reduce carbon emissions across the state. As more of our electricity comes from renewable sources like solar and wind, using new technologies – like heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, battery-powered lawn equipment, induction stoves, and more – will allow us to achieve a decarbonized future for Massachusetts homes and businesses.

The Sponsors of Mass Save are working to reduce statewide emissions through our nationally recognized energy efficiency programs, which make high-efficiency electric technologies more accessible and affordable to residents and businesses.


Get Help Electrifying Your Home or Business


Electrifying your home can improve comfort, reduce the health risks of fossil fuels, and lower your carbon footprint.


Electrifying your business can create a more efficient, comfortable environment for your customers and workers while lowering your emissions.


Electrifying your multi-family building can improve tenant comfort, reduce the health risks of fossil fuels, and lower your carbon footprint.

How to Reduce Carbon Emissions with Energy Efficiency and Electrification

The Sponsors of Mass Save recommend the following process for electrification based on our research and industry best practices. However, since all electrification projects are unique, your path to electrification may vary based on your needs.

Prepare for Electrification

Start with weatherization for your home or business – an important first step that reduces overall energy use and prepares buildings for electrification. Some homes and buildings may also consider electrical panel upgrades as needed. 0% financing is available on approved electrical panel upgrades.

Heating, Cooling, Water Heating

You can receive incentives for high-efficiency heat pumps, including air source, ground source, and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. Heat pump water heaters are also available for your home or business. These all-electric technologies can help you decarbonize your space heating, cooling and water heating.

Lighting, Appliances, and Induction Stoves

Improve your lighting with LEDs, explore high-efficiency appliances, and decarbonize your cooking with induction stoves. Residential and Commercial rebates are available.

Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

Replace your gasoline-powered lawn equipment with available residential and commercial battery-powered models. This includes equipment like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and more.

Rebates, Tax Credits, Low-Interest Financing

Make the most out of the high levels of federal funding that is currently available to help make clean energy choices more affordable.

Work with a Qualified Installer

Work with qualified installers and equipment distributors. The Sponsors of Mass Save partner with contractors and distributors to ensure the professionals helping you with your electric equipment are highly trained and qualified.

Have questions about electrification?

Mass Save programs, services, and incentives are sponsored by your local utilities and energy efficiency service providers. You can use our Contact tool to find electrification help directly from your local Mass Save Sponsor.

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