Your guide to solar energy in Massachusetts

Learn how you can save money and energy by harnessing the power of the sun.
Energy Efficient Massachusetts Home Using Solar Panels

Solar power is affordable, accessible and more appealing than ever before. Whether you rent or own, solar power can reduce your energy costs and your environmental impact. Your Mass Save Sponsor has the expertise and experience to help you decide if solar power is the right option for you.


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Reasons to include solar power in your energy savings plan.

Local Contractors installing Energy Efficient Solar Panels


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You'll save energy and money every month.

Massachusetts has the highest energy saving estimates in the country.1 To estimate your property’s potential solar savings, use this online solar calculator.


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Installation may not be as expensive as you think.

Whether you want to buy or rent solar panels for your home, there are several state and third-party programs to help you lower your upfront costs.

  • The Massachusetts Solar Loan Program includes an interest rate buy-down, income-based loan support, and a loan loss reserve for qualified programs to help you get started.
  • Lease your panels or sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) through a Third-Party Owner (TPO).
    • The TPO will install panels at your property, and then you buy the electricity generated at a below-market rate to save money.
    • Additionally, there is often no upfront cost associated with a TPO, and they are responsible for any future maintenance.


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Federal and state tax incentives lower your costs.

A federal tax credit allows you to deduct up to 26% of the cost of a solar panel system from your taxes, although this percentage will decrease in 2023.2 In Massachusetts, you can also receive 15% of the system cost as a credit against your state income tax, up to $1,000. Additionally, Massachusetts also has no sales or property taxes associated with your solar installation.

View all solar incentives available in Massachusetts.


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You can reduce your environmental impact while supporting an energy saving industry.

Solar energy reduces carbon emissions and other pollutants by generating power from a renewable source.

With the solar industry growing rapidly, each and every panel installation supports your local solar companies, the jobs they create and the energy savings they help provide.

Consider community solar

If you rent your home or rooftop solar isn't an option for you, community solar may be the perfect alternative.

When you sign up for community solar, you subscribe to a large solar farm in your area and receive credits on your utility bill for the energy produced by your share of the farm. You purchase these credits from a community solar provider at a discount, and the credits show up on your monthly electric bill, helping to offset your electricity costs. Massachusetts customers typically save 10-20% annually. Signing up is easy and you can cancel without penalty.

Massachusetts Home Saving Energy on Community Solar Power


Learn more about how community solar works and estimate your savings from projects in your area on EnergySage’s Community Solar Marketplace.


Click here for a list of community solar providers in Massachusetts.



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