Passive House Training

Take Energy Efficiency to a New Level

The Sponsors of Mass Save® have partnered with Passive House Massachusetts to offer Passive House training to support workforce development and help transform the energy efficiency and building construction industries. 
Our Passive House training provides up-to-date credentials from the Passive House Institute (PHI) and Passive House Institute US (PHIUS). It also serves as a cost-effective way for business partners to invest in workforce training and professional development. We offer training options that minimize, and in many cases eliminate, the cost burden for participants.


What is Passive House?

Passive House refers to the ultimate goal in high-efficiency design: buildings that minimize energy consumption and have added comfort and durability features. Passive House design focuses on robust insulation and air tightness, high-performing glazing, and simplified mechanical systems to achieve significantly lower energy use while creating a comfortable and durable space for inhabitants. PHI and PHIUS established two independent standards and provide certifications for such homes: the PHIUS+ Passive Building standard and the International Passive House standard.


Training Channels

Lunch and Learns
Target Audience: Architects, builders, contractors, designers, developers, engineers, financing agencies, and municipal officials
For developers and general contracting firms that need a high-level introduction to Passive House standards, development costs, project delivery, and more
This 1–2 hour event is presented at no cost to participants and is Continuing Education Unit (CEU)-eligible for Passive House credentials
Building Science Workshops
Target Audience: Architects, builders, developers, engineers, estimators, general contractors, project teams, and sub-contractors
Covering building science best practices, quality assurance, and more
This half-day training event is offered at no cost to participants and is Continuing Education Unit (CEU)-eligible for Passive House credentials
Passive House Accreditations
Target Audience: Passive House builders, consultants, designers, raters, tradespeople, and verifiers
Offer 50% cost reimbursement to participants upon successful completion of certification. Requires submission of reimbursement application.
Goal of 95 new Passive House certifications by December 2021
Training time varies based on the training course selected.
Limit two participants per company per training course.


Stay in the know


Passive House Incentives

In addition to training, we offer incentives and assistance to support the construction of multi-family high-rise buildings (five units or more) with deep energy savings. Certification and performance incentives are available to assist builders and developers in achieving a Passive House or similar level of efficiency. 


Ready to get started? We are here to help.

Keep up with the growing demand for high-performance housing and become certified as a Passive House builder, consultant, designer, rater, or verifier. 
Check out the Mass Save Passive House Learning Center to register for upcoming trainings. Or contact us anytime at: