Enhanced Barrier Mitigation Incentives

If your Energy Specialist recommended insulation and/or air sealing improvements during your Home Energy Assessment, but knob and tube wiring or vermiculite prevents the installation of the work, you may be eligible for an incentive to help remediate those barriers if you meet the annual household income requirements.

A maximum of up to $7,000 of eligible costs will be available before the abatement work begins in the form of a two-party check made out to the Contractor and the Customer.

Removal Knob & Tube Wiring Project costs up to $7,000
Removal of Vermiculite

If you have already had an energy assessment, and one of these barriers was identified, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the income verification process to see if you qualify. Apply here.
  2. Obtain a signed proposal from a licensed electrician or certified asbestos/vermiculite abatement contractor for the remediation of knob and tube wiring or vermiculite to the extent required to enable the installation of Mass Save® approved weatherization.
  3. Submit your completed, signed copies of the Enhanced Residential Weatherization Barrier Incentive Form (without the contractor signature) and a copy of the contractor quote(s)/invoice(s). Contact information is provided on the form.
  4. Receive your incentive. The incentive will be issued as a two-party check for the customer and the contractor.
  5. Complete the knob and tube or vermiculite abatement work before the insulation and air sealing work.
  6. Once completed, have your contractor complete and sign the application along with the paid invoice from your contractor.
  7. Complete the recommended insulation and/or air sealing improvements at no cost.


If you have any questions, contact your Energy Specialist or call 866-527-7283