Enhanced Residential Offers

Get special offers to improve your home’s energy efficiency. 
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With enhanced residential offers, you can receive no-cost insulation and increased rebates on efficient heating and cooling equipment.

Insulation and air sealing work hand in hand to weatherize your home, saving you energy and money and making your home more comfortable. Air sealing is usually the first step—eliminating leakage points in your home, like those found in attics, basements, and between joists.

Benefits of insulation and air sealing improvements include:

  • Lowering heating and cooling costs by up to 20%
  • Decreasing drafts to improve comfort and humidity all year long
  • Minimizing outside noise for a quieter, more peaceful environment
  • Preventing allergens and pests from entering your home
  • Reducing the chance of ice dams—protecting your home from potential damage
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In addition to receiving the recommended weatherization work at no cost, eligible homeowners and renters can receive the below rebates.

To see if you qualify for either of the two enhanced incentives below, use our online income qualification tool. For assistance qualifying over the phone, call 1-888-714-3990. Cape Light Compact customers should call 1-800-797-6699.

Get Verified

We've made it easier than ever to weatherize your home at no-cost. Check the Eligibility tab to see if your income falls within the eligible range. Then, choose one of the three paths to participate outlined below, and say you qualify for enhanced incentives when you reach out to schedule your appointment. There are three paths to participation:

Path One: Schedule a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

Once you are income verified, schedule a no-cost virtual or in-person Home Energy Assessment. During an assessment, an Energy Specialist will assess your current energy usage and recommend improvements to save energy in your home (like insulation and air sealing upgrades).

The assessments are performed by trusted lead vendors: CLEAResult, RISE Engineering, and Center for EcoTechnology—depending on your Mass Save Sponsor.

Schedule a Home Energy Assessment by:

Calling 866-527-SAVE (7283)


Path Two: Select a Home Performance Contractor

You can also choose a participating Home Performance Contractor to complete your no-cost Home Energy Assessment. The same contractor will also complete any insulation and air sealing work.


Path Three: Direct Incentives

If you already know that insulation and/or air sealing upgrades are needed and are looking to access quick incentives, Mass Save Sponsors Eversource and National Grid offer a direct weatherization path.

You can skip the assessment and work with a Direct Weatherization Independent Installation Contractor to scope out your project and access incentives.


Quality Inspections

After work is completed, a quality assurance inspection is performed. The inspections are performed by trusted lead vendors: Abode Energy Management, CLEAResult, RISE Engineering, CMC Energy Services, and Center for EcoTechnology — depending on who your Mass Save Sponsor is.

To determine if you qualify for this program, use the table below or our Online Income Qualification Tool. Residents must live in a 1- to 4-unit home.

In order to access the Enhanced Heating and Cooling Equipment Rebates, any recommended insulation and air sealing upgrades must be completed.

Even if you don’t qualify, you may still be eligible for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment  and efficiency products.


Enter your zip code to find the household income limits specific to your area.

Zip Code

Number of Household Members Annual Household Income
2023 – 2024 Heating Season
  Income Eligible Program Enhanced Incentive
1 < $45,392 $45,393 – $60,523
2 < $59,359 $59,360 – $79,146
3 < $73,326 $73,327 – $97,768
4 < $87,294 $87,295 – $116,392
5 <  $101,261 $101,262 – $135,015
6 < $115,228 $115,229 – $153,638
7 < $117,846 $117,847 – $157,128
8 < $120,465 $120,466 – $160,620
9 < $123,084 $123,085 – $164,112
10 < $125,703 $125,704 – $167,604
11 < $128,322 $128,323 – $171,109
12 < $130,941 $130,942 – $174,588
13 < $133,560 $133,561 – $178,080
14 < $136,179 $136,180 – $181,572
15 < $138,797 $138,798 – $185,063
16 < $141,416 $141,417 – $188,555
17 < $145,230 $145,231 – $193,640