Save With Enhanced Incentives

You may qualify for special offers to
improve your home's energy efficiency.
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Increase your comfort. Reduce your energy use.

Upgrading your insulation and air sealing can have a big impact on your home's efficiency and comfort. Whether you already know which upgrades you need, or you're ready to discover your top energy-saving opportunities, we're here to help.

If you live in a 1-4 unit home, and you meet annual household income requirements, you may qualify for enhanced incentives and rebates that will improve your home's comfort and reduce energy use.


If your income falls within the guidelines below, visit our online tool to qualify for increased incentives and resources to help you make energy-saving improvements.

Number of Household Members Annual Household Income
2022 – 2023 Heating Season
1 $42,412 – $56,548
2 $55,462 – $73,948
3 $68,512 – $91,348
4 $81,562 – $108,748
5 $94,611 – $126,147
6 $107,661 – $143,547
7 $110,108 – $146,809
8 $112,555 – $150,072
9 $115,002 – $153,335
10 $117,449 – $156,597
11 $119,896 – $159,860
12 $122,344 – $163,124
13 $124,789 – $166,384
14 $127,236 – $169,647
15 $129,683 – $172,909
16 $132,130 – $176,172
17 $134,577 – $179,435


To access these Enhanced Residential offers, the first step is completing the easy, no-cost verification process. Apply online or call 1-888-714-3990.

For quick approval, please have the following items handy when you call:

  1. Your utility heating or electric bill
  2. Proof of income for all household members age 18 and over

What is proof of income?

  • Pay stubs showing one month of pay
  • W-2 Form
  • Current monthly benefits statement for SSA (social security), SSI (supplemental security income), SSDI (social security disability insurance), DTA (transitional assistance), unemployment, workers' compensation or a current 1099 Form
  • If you are self-employed, your most recently filed tax return

For more information about Cape Light Compact's enhanced offer and income verification and guidelines, please visit the Cape Light Compact website.

The benefits of weatherizing your home include:

reduce energy icon

Reduce energy use

fewer drafts icon

Fewer drafts

air quality icon

Improved air quality

reduce noise icon

Reduced outside noise

humidity control icon

Improved humidity control

allergen pests icon

Reduced allergens and pests

During a no-cost Home Energy Assessment, your Energy Specialist will identify opportunities to save energy and recommend energy efficiency solutions for your whole home. They may also provide instant savings measures during the assessment, based on your needs.

Following your Home Energy Assessment, your Energy Specialist will provide a custom home energy report highlighting which rebates and incentives you may qualify for, as well as any recommendations for insulation and air sealing.

Customers have the option to select which partner contractor will perform the recommended work. 

Home Energy Assessments are available for:

Quality Assurance Inspection
After work is completed, the program conducts quality assurance inspections for Home Energy Assessments, weatherization work (air sealing and insulation), HEAT Loans and rebated heating systems. Quality assurance inspections are performed by one of the following trusted vendors:

Abode Energy Management
Center for Eco Technology (CET)
CMC Energy Services, Inc.
RISE Engineering

Enhanced Heating and Cooling Incentives

The Program Sponsors provide incentives to qualified customers to reduce their home's energy use and improve comfort through the installation of energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. Click here to learn more about this offer.


Enhanced Barrier Mitigation Incentives

The Program Sponsors offer an up-front incentive to help cover the costs of projects that must be completed before any approved insulation upgrades can be installed. Eligible barriers include:

  • Removal of knob and tube wiring
  • Removal of vermiculite

(Project costs up to $7,000)

Click here to learn more about this offer.


Enhanced Weatherization Incentive

Customers who qualify can improve their home's comfort with no-cost insulation upgrades. Click here to learn more about this offer.


Three Paths to Energy Savings

  • 1Not sure where to start?

    Call 866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule your no-cost Home Energy Assessment with an Energy Specialist from a Lead Vendor: CET, CLEAResult or RISE. Insulation and air sealing work is then completed by the participating Independent Installation Contractor (IIC).

  • 2 One-stop shop

    Choose a participating Home Performance Contractor to complete your no-cost Home Energy Assessment. The same contractor will also complete any insulation and air sealing work.

  • 3 Direct weatherization

    If it's already clear that you require insulation and/or air sealing upgrades and are looking to quickly access incentives, consider the direct weatherization path. Skip the Home Energy Assessment and work with a participating Direct Weatherization Independent Installation Contractor to scope out your project and access incentives.