Home Energy Assessments

Learn about energy-saving opportunities specific to your home. 
A group of Massachusetts residents reviewing a home energy assessment

A Home Energy Assessment finds inefficiencies in how energy is used in your home. During the assessment, an Energy Specialist will identify energy-saving opportunities and help you access available rebates, incentives, and 0% financing.

One of the first steps toward better efficiency is weatherization, which includes upgrading your insulation and air sealing. Benefits of insulation and air sealing improvements include:

  • Lowering heating and cooling costs by up to 20%
  • Decreasing drafts to improve comfort and humidity all year long
  • Minimizing outside noise for a quieter, more peaceful environment
  • Preventing allergens and pests from entering your home
  • Reducing the chance of ice dams—protecting your home from potential damage

Energy Assessments

A specialist performing a home energy assessment

Home Energy Assessments (Virtual or In-Person)

Through a no-cost Home Energy Assessment, you can learn about energy-saving opportunities specific to your home.

Good As New Case Study Image

Case Study: As Good as New

Instead of moving, Vance participated in a no-cost energy assessment to find ways to make his home more comfortable. By making insulation upgrades and installing two high-efficiency mini-split heat pumps and advanced power strips, he saved $632 annually in energy costs.

Case Study: Drury Residence

A Greenfield homeowner received $10,000 in incentives after participating in a no-cost energy assessment and replacing his furnace and water heater with clean, efficient heat pump systems.