Smart Thermostat Incentive FAQs

Explore frequently asked questions about our wireless thermostat incentive as part of our Home Energy Assessment Program.

Why choose a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat offers several advantages over a standard programmable thermostat, including the ability to:

  • Monitor and change your home’s temperature setting remotely via your smartphone, computer, or tablet
  • Set up smart control features to allow the thermostat to automatically adjust to local weather conditions
  • Program detailed schedules, to the degree, for particular times and days
  • Receive and respond to alerts via smartphone, emails, or text messages
  • Gain enhanced energy savings
  • Recognize when rooms are unoccupied and change the temperature to a more efficient setting

Do I need to have an internet connection?

Yes, smart thermostats must be able to communicate through an “always on” internet connection.

Do I need to have a wireless computer network (Wi-Fi)

No, a thermostat is available to work with an internet connection that does not include a home network of any kind. However, more choices are available if you do have a Wi-Fi network in your home.

Can I buy as many thermostats as I like?

The number of thermostats is limited to the number of existing thermostats in the home. Not all thermostats must be replaced. Additional smart thermostats may be available without a subsidy.

How can I have smart thermostats installed?

You may qualify to have smart thermostats installed as part of a Home Energy Assessment. Call 866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule your installation and a Home Energy Assessment.

What will happen with my existing thermostats?

Your technician will often leave the existing thermostats with you. Some older thermostats contain mercury and should be disposed of safely. Visit Thermostat Recycle Corporation to find out where you can recycle your thermostat.

How can I receive a rebate if I (or my contractor) already installed a smart thermostat?

Find out more information about the rebates available on our thermostat rebate page.

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