Heat Pump Installer Training Opportunities

Realize a competitive edge for your business and increase customer satisfaction

The Sponsors of Mass Save® offer a variety of training to contractors participating in the Heat Pump Installer Network. Many of these trainings can be found in the Energy Efficiency Learning Center (EELC). Modules can be started, paused, and completed on your own schedule. For more information, call 833-664-0348 or email [email protected]


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Cold Climate Heat Pump Training

The Sponsors of Mass Save have developed courses that focus in on cold climate heat pumps including their capabilities, in-home performance, comfort, and affordability. These courses have real world examples and content that shows installed systems both on-site and outside of the lab. The courses also cover best practices which will help prevent unwanted callbacks:

  • Mass Save Residential Heat Pump Basics
  • Weatherization 101 for HVAC Contractors
  • Air Source Heat Pump Sizing Design: Introduction
  • Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation Best Practices
  • Selling Heat Pumps & Value Proposition
  • Customer Service


measureQuick Training

measureQuick (mQ) is a connected system of tools, services, and technology to grow your business all through a mobile application. Through the Mass Save Energy Efficiency Learning Center, the Sponsors of Mass Save® offer a 5-hour contractor training that focuses on two testing procedures: Air Flow and Refrigerant Charge for central heat pumps. These procedures can also apply to mini-split systems for single and multi-head mini split heat pumps. These testing procedures verify that central heat pump and mini-split heat systems are commissioned properly and are in good running condition. Systems that are properly commissioned have improved efficiency and create increased comfort and savings for homeowners.

The training then zeroes in on all the useful functions of the mQ app and how it can be used. Contractors are trained to perform these testing procedures to ensure proper installation and operation of equipment and systems, which gives your company a real edge on the competition by providing better service to your customers.

In addition to other benefits of participating in the Heat Pump Installer Network, completing measureQuick training makes contractors eligible to receive incentives for installation and verification work as well as reimbursements for training and diagnostic tool purchases. Incentives include:

  • $130 for measureQuick (mQ) submissions
  • $250 for downsizing
  • $2CFM (max $600) for duct sealing.