Three Illuminating Ideas to Light Up Your Kitchen

January 24, 2018

For many of us, the kitchen is the central hub of our homes. Many activities take place in this room — it is no longer just a place for prepping and cooking, but also a place for gathering and entertaining. Since the kitchen has evolved greatly from being solely a space for preparing meals, the lighting choices should be reflective of the room’s modern-age, multi-purpose role. To make your room as functional and dynamic as possible, check out these three tips for using ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs to enhance your kitchen lighting.

1. Focus on the lighting’s purpose.

When determining the right LED bulb or fixture, it’s important to consider the purpose of your lighting. In kitchens, you will find both task lighting and ambient lighting to be crucial in a successful lighting design. Task lighting serves the purpose of illuminating targeted areas so that you can see clearly while working. LED bulbs excel by providing bright, crisp light – but without emitting the heat that traditional bulbs give off. You might want to consider installing task lighting over your sink for cleaning dishes, above an island if it’s used as a work station, or under any hanging cabinets to brighten a countertop.

Meanwhile, ambient lighting, or general lighting, is used to light up broader spaces, rather than targeted areas, and may be accomplished with pendant lighting, recessed ceiling lighting, or chandeliers. Ambient lighting helps set the mood of a room, and can help create a warm, welcoming kitchen. Dimmable LED bulbs are a great option for ambient lighting in kitchens, because they allow you to adjust the ambiance of the room depending on its current use. To add to the look and feel of the room even more, you can also feature accent lighting to highlight unique features in your kitchen and soften the space. This versatility is what makes LED bulbs a great option for all three lighting functions.

2. Identify the correct size and style of LED bulbs.

Between the crowded lighting shelves and numerous online options, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right bulbs for your kitchen. To make it easier, check out this lighting guide to identify the best bulbs for your space. Regardless of your lighting needs, ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs often provide the best solution because they are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and durable – plus they come in a variety of versatile designs. For kitchens specifically, spot lights and flood lights, such as BR30 LEDs, are very popular for recessed lighting. For decorative bulbs that provide ambient or accent lighting, candle LED bulbs are a popular choice. If you’re looking to add even more flare to your kitchen, check out our Pinterest page for inspiration.

3. Be mindful of color temperature.

Creating a kitchen that is both comfortable and functional requires choosing LED bulbs that have the appropriate light color, more formally referred to as color temperature. Color temperature is measured in Kelvin. The higher the Kelvins, the “cooler” the light will be, meaning the more it will resemble daylight. Conversely, bulbs with low color temperatures, between 2000 and 3000 Kelvin, will give off a warm glow. Depending on the design aesthetic of your kitchen, you may want a warm light or cool light to illuminate your space. How do you determine a bulb’s color temperature? Be sure to check the lighting facts label included on the LED bulb box. Before you shop, you can find additional tips on choosing the right color temperature in our comprehensive “All About Lighting” e-book.

Creating a kitchen that is versatile in function can be accomplished with the help of smart lighting decisions. The sponsors of Mass Save®, including National Grid, Unitil, Cape Light Compact, and Eversource, make it easy to find affordable LED bulb options for your kitchen. The Mass Save online storefront offers a strong selection of discounted LEDs and fixtures; you can also find a store near you that offers savings on ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs, also courtesy of the Mass Save sponsors. Combine the advantages of LED bulbs with these great opportunities to save, and you’ll be cooking up fresh lighting ideas for a modern, multi-purpose kitchen in no time! 

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