Efficiency First

The Sponsors of Mass Save® are helping you prepare for a new heating system by increasing your home’s efficiency. Here are a few ways we can help you make sure your home is ready:

Expert Guidance

  • Home energy audit: whether you’re a homeowner, renter or landlord, the Sponsors of Mass Save® offer no-cost virtual Home Energy Assessments to help you learn about your top energy-saving opportunities in an easy, convenient way. An Energy Specialist will assess your current energy use, help you develop a plan to make your home more energy efficient, and educate you on rebates and incentives you may qualify for. In addition to custom recommendations, you may be eligible to receive an additional $500 bonus for completing eligible weatherization work prior to installing a partial-home heat pump. Completion of weatherization is required for the whole-home rebate offer.

  • Heating & Cooling Consultation: If you’re considering an upgrade to your heating system, the Sponsors of Mass Save can help provide technical guidance and support. Schedule a no-cost, virtual consultation with a Mass Save Heat Pump & HVAC Specialist who can provide guidance about the benefits and considerations of transitioning to a new heating system, answer technical questions about how heating and cooling systems work, and help you make informed decisions specific to your goals and the unique needs of your home.

  • Mass Save Heat Pump Installers: Contractors participating in the Mass Save Residential Heat Pump Installer Network are trained to design and install heat pump systems that meet the needs of your home. These qualified contractors will help you understand installation and operating costs, as well as proper operation and maintenance practices. Working with a Mass Save Heat Pump Installer can help you enjoy the benefits that a properly installed heat pump system can provide.


    Rebates and Financing

  • Air sealing: The Sponsors of Mass Save can help you ensure there are as few gaps as possible for indoor air to escape and outdoor air to get in. Air leakage can represent up to 40% of space- conditioning costs in a leaky building. Weatherization professionals will focus on sealing leaks hidden in the attic, garage, basements, or between floors. Air sealing often involves re-sealing windows, replacing broken or jammed vents, and replacing the rubber seals around door frames. Experienced professionals will know the common culprits of air leakage to target, but a professional assessment of hidden leaks using a blower door to pressure-test the house is the best way to find leaks in your house. Air sealing is provided at no-cost as part of the Home Energy Assessment.

  • Insulation: Adding insulation slows heat transfer through the building envelope (i.e., walls, roof, floors); heat transfer is the leading cause of heat loss in the winter. Working with a professional contractor to improve roof, wall, and floor insulation can considerably lower heat transfer, improving your home’s efficiency. The Sponsors of Mass Save cover 75% of the cost of the insulation. Renters and Income qualified customers can save even more with 100% of the insulation costs being covered.

  • Ductwork upgrades: If your home utilizes a centralized heating or cooling unit with ducts outside of the conditioned space of the home (i.e., in an attic, basement, garage, or crawlspace), sealing and insulating the ducts can significantly improve the overall efficiency of your system by ensuring that more of the heated or cooled air gets delivered to where it is needed.

  • Electrical panel upgrades: If your home utilizes fuses or no longer has room in the electric panel (all slots in panel occupied), a qualified professional will work with you and your local building department to upgrade your electrical service needs. Knob and tube wiring may also be identified and can be addressed to improve electrical safety. Once your panel is upgraded, you will have the space needed to install a highly efficient heat pump system for your home. These upgrades can be financed using the Mass Save Heat Loan.


    Interested in 0% financing?

    Apply for a Mass Save HEAT Loan prior to installing your equipment. The Sponsors® of Mass Save are buying down interest rates to make energy efficiency more affordable for Massachusetts residents. With our HEAT Loan, you could qualify for a loan of up to $25,000 toward qualified energy efficient home improvements with terms up to seven years, depending on your Sponsor and the loan provider. Heat pumps must be installed by a contractor participating in the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network in order to be eligible for HEAT Loan financing.