Swansea School District Takes Control to Improve Comfort, Sustainability and Make Energy-Saving Upgrades

June 28, 2021

Located on the Narragansett Bay, the Swansea School District was all too familiar with dealing with a dynamic coastal environment and the impact the varying climate had on each of its six schools.

Each of the buildings were of varying ages, many of them operating with a mix of older and inefficient technologies for heating and cooling that left certain rooms freezing cold and others with open windows in the height of winter.

To increase the comfort of students and staff and make some much-needed energy efficiency upgrades, the school district looked to partner with Mass Save® Sponsors Liberty and National Grid, as well as Honeywell and Air Masters HVAC Services of New England.

The solution? A five-year plan that, in addition to improving indoor comfort and reducing maintenance needs, set solutions in place that would:

  • Reduce energy consumption and the district’s carbon footprint;
  • Integrate control of all energy systems and devices; and
  • Allow for valuable insights from resulting energy management data.

As a result of the plan put in place, the Swansea School District has been able to decrease its energy costs by 27 percent overall while simultaneously cutting its energy use in half, a win-win for everyone involved

Read the full case study here, and then head to https://www.masssave.com/en/learn/business to find energy-saving solutions from the Sponsors of Mass Save tailored to your specific industry needs.

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