Everything you need. One place. The Mass Save Application Portal.

June 03, 2018

The Sponsors of Mass Save® work hard to make it easy for Massachusetts businesses to save energy and money. And they’re always looking for new ways to optimize your experience.

Enter: The Mass Save Application Portal (MAP)

Built by the Sponsors of Mass Save, MAP is designed to be an easy tool for customers and vendors alike. It’s here to help you understand what energy efficiency opportunities are available to you. Just enter your zip code to get started.

From prescriptive rebates on efficient equipment to requests for technical assistance for custom energy-saving projects, MAP streamlines your process for applying for anything and everything offered by the Sponsors of Mass Save. It’s available to all non-residential customers of National Grid, Eversource, Cape Light Compact, Black Stone Gas Company, Liberty Utilities, Berkshire Gas and Unitil.

MAP replaces the 16 Mass Save paper or PDF applications for incentives on energy efficient equipment and projects with a convenient online portal. Offers, incentive levels, and applications are always up to date with the most current information.

The portal will guide you to what you need, and also what you may want to consider. It suggests measures and incentives that may also be helpful to you based on your selected energy-saving measures.

MAP simplifies the application process by only requiring one form be submitted per project, as opposed to multiple forms for measures that save both gas and electricity. One of the best parts of MAP is that it can calculate energy and incentive savings for prescriptive offerings! All of the workbooks, documentation, and calculator tools are now available through the portal. It also acts as a "filing cabinet" for all of your incentive applications. Its home screen gives you a view of all of your past and current applications.

On top of all that, MAP provides quick communication with the Sponsors of Mass Save. For National Grid and Eversource commercial customers, if you have a specific program manager or sales representative at the company, you can select that person from a list and they will instantly receive a notification of your application submittal.

With MAP there’s no more guessing if you are using the right form or uncertainly about what’s available to you. MAP is here to guide you through the whole application process. From showing you all your options to deciding what’s best for you, MAP is here to help you.




Ready to get saving? Check out MAP here.

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