New Technologies & Solutions

Submit technologies and solutions to the Massachusetts Technology Assessment Committee for Mass Save Sponsor review.
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The Sponsors of Mass Save welcome new technologies and solutions submissions from vendors and entrepreneurs for incorporation in the energy efficiency, demand reduction, and greenhouse gas reduction program offerings.

The Massachusetts Technology Assessment Committee (MTAC), composed of Mass Save Sponsor representatives, reviews new technologies and solutions with energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, and demand reduction potential.

1A. Fill out the Submission Form ensuring the new technology or solution meets the submission requirements (please reference the Requirements Tab).
1B. To submit a subscription-based system control product for review, fill out the control product intake form ensuring the controls solution meets the requirements of the prescriptive BMS program.

2. Submit all the required documents outlined within the submission form to [email protected] or [email protected]

MTAC will acknowledge your submission and discuss your proposed technology or solution at the next monthly MTAC meeting. Secondary research may be conducted by MTAC and may involve a request for you to provide a vendor presentation. Notifications will be sent to the submitting vendor/entrepreneur regarding submission acceptance, non-acceptance, or additional information. 

If you have questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Tab or reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

Eligible technologies or solutions must meet the following requirement for consideration:

  • Save energy, reduce demand, and/or reduce greenhouse gas in accordance with MGL 25 Section 21.
  • Be intended for installation/intervention at a customers' homes, buildings, and facilities. 
  • Not already included in any existing programmatic offerings.
  • Not already included in the Residential or C&I reviewed and referred technologies and solutions.
  • Exclusions may include the following:
    • Manual Energy Reducing Devices - Proposed measures that provide energy savings by manually reducing both input and output and disregard adequate operational conditions.
    • Retrofit Energy Savings Devices - Proposed products/devices that provide power factor correction, conditioning, or distortion as a means of energy savings.
    • Performance Enhancing Products - Similar to maintenance procedures, addition of refrigerant additives, cleaners, lubricants, friction reducers, catalysts, metal treatment, etc., to refrigerant cooling equipment; and/or combustion heating equipment.
    • Maintenance Procedures - Required procedures such as annual coil cleaning, regular filter changes, routine belt replacements, HVAC tune-ups, etc., are considered normal periodic maintenance.
    • Product Safety - Products or measures that may result in personal injury and/or exhibit potential safety/liability issues will not be considered. MTAC strongly encourages proposers to obtain a UL listing (as applicable) and seek 3rd party testing certification.
  • Technologies and solutions that meet site-specific requirements/conditions may be eligible for individual review if they demonstrate cost-effective savings and participate through performance-based or custom application pathways.


What does MTAC do?

How long does the MTAC process take?

Will my technology or solution be automatically included in Mass Save offerings if MTAC determines it saves offers savings opportunities?

My technology is currently being used in other energy efficiency programs outside of Massachusetts; why do I need to apply to MTAC?

How can I speed up the MTAC process?

How can I schedule a meeting with MTAC members to present my technology or solution?