Home Energy Services Contractors

Build your business with expanded residential customer energy efficiency offerings.
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Become a participating Home Energy Services Contractor and provide your customers with home energy assessments and/or weatherization improvements.

Contractors can become a Home Performances Contractor (HPC) or Independent Installation Contractor (IIC), which both support single family (1-4 units) residential buildings and offer customers a whole-house approach to energy efficiency.


There are two types of Home Energy Services Contractors: Home Performance Contractors and Independent Installation Contractors.

  1. Home Performance Contractor (HPC)

    An HPC offers residential customers turnkey services, from performing the Home Energy Assessment to the installation of program-approved weatherization improvements. HPCs work directly with customers and recruit them for the program.

  2. Independent Installation Contractor (IIC)

    An IIC provides insulation and air sealing improvements that are identified through an energy assessment from a Lead Vendor.

    HPCs and IICs are managed by Lead Vendors and the Sponsors of Mass Save. The Lead Vendor conducts home energy assessments for customers, manages contractor agreements, and implements all other aspects of the program.

    The Sponsors of Mass Save are Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, and Unitil. The Sponsors are responsible for overall management of the program.

  1. Contact the Sponsors of Mass Save

    Send us an email at [email protected] expressing your interest in becoming a Participating Contractor.

  2. Provide Requested Information

    Include the below required information:

    • Your company's contact information
    • A list of the Sponsors you are interested in working with
    • Whether you'd like to be an HPC or IIC

The appropriate Lead Vendor will contact you with next steps, as well as any needed documentation and information.

To become an HPC or an IIC, contractors need:

  • A signed participation agreement with the appropriate Sponsor's Lead Vendor
  • Insurance as required by the Sponsor
  • Background checks are all applicable staff, as required by the Sponsor
  • MA Home Improvement Contractor License 
  • MA Construction Supervisor's License
  • MA Lead Safe Certificate
  • Authorized boot camp and combustion safety certification or authorized crew chief training
  • HPCs must also be a BPI Analyst and Envelope Certified (IICs do not need this certification)
  • A satisfactory review of past participation/performance in Mass Save Programs, like weatherization