Path 2: Whole Building Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Reduction

Comprehensive technical expertise and financial incentives for meeting EUI reduction goals.

Solutions for Large Buildings over 50,000 square feet

Path 2, Whole Building Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Reduction provides building owners and design teams with energy efficiency expertise early in the design process. Energy Use Intensity, or EUI, is defined as the total amount of energy a building uses over the course of a year, divided by its square footage.  An EUI metric allows a comparison between the energy efficiency of buildings.

Your team will receive technical assistance to establish and reach an EUI target, as well as financial incentives to meet those goals. To be eligible, the project must have a goal of meeting at least a 10% EUI reduction from the Mass Save baseline. 

Customer Incentives

 25% and greater EUI reduction  $1.25/sf
10% – 24.9% EUI Reduction  $0.35 - $0.75/sf
Technical Assistance  75% cost share (capped at $20,000 per Sponsor)
 Verification Incentive  50% of fee, up to $10,000 

Design Team Incentives

 Up to $15,000 for design aimed at attaining very low EUIs

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Download the Memorandum of Understanding for the Whole Building EUI Reduction Path for a full description of the process and requirements for this program. 


Contact your Mass Sponsor(s) directly to start on this path to a highly efficient building.


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