Energy-Saving Solutions for Small Businesses

The Sponsors of Mass Save® can help you discover money-saving business opportunities, discounts and rebates.

Looking to save money on overhead costs, boost the comfort of your customers and employees, and improve ambiance of your small business*? Start with a no-cost energy assessment from the Sponsors of Mass Save.

Here's How It Works:

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    A qualified vendor will identify potential energy savings measures during a site visit.

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    You receive a customized proposal detailing energy efficiency recommendations. Sponsors offer to pay for up to 70% of the costs.*

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    Recommended improvements will be installed at your convenience.

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    Start saving!

Get Discounts and Incentives

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer a variety of incentives and programs that can help you cut your energy costs thereby enabling you to focus better serving your customers. These include:


Electric Gas
Lighting Systems Upgrades & Controls (including LEDs) Air Sealing and Weatherization
Refrigeration Controls and Cooler Upgrades Pipe Insulation
HVAC System Upgrades & Controls Heating System Controls
Motor or Drive Controls Steam Trap Maintenance
Compressed Air Systems High-Efficiency Heating and Water Heating Equipment
Upgrades & Controls Faucet Aerators
Custom Energy Efficiency
Trickle Start Shower Heads
  Custom Energy Efficiency Measures

*Small businesses must use less than 1.5 million kWh in annual electric usage, or less than 40,000 therms annually on natural gas bills.
**Measures and incentives may vary among Sponsors
*** Custom Energy Efficiency Measures are typically site specific to your business or facility



Financing or payment options may be available depending on your Mass Save Sponsor.



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