Look at the big picture with ENERGY STAR certified televisions.

ENERGY STAR-certified televisions save energy and money, without sacrificing quality. You can find the ENERGY STAR certification on all types of TVs and combination units, from basic TVs to large screen TVs with the latest features like 3D and internet connectivity.

Mass Save® doesn’t currently offer incentives for this measure, but below are some resources to help you choose the most efficient option.


ENERGY STAR Certified Televisions Are Typically 25 Percent More Energy-Efficient Than Non-Certified Models

They save energy in all usage modes: sleep, idle, and on. When purchasing a television, the type and screen size can have a major effect on your energy use: 

  • Always look for the ENERGY STAR label to save energy when in use, but also in standby modes; look for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient TVs for more highly-efficient models. 
  • Look for TVs with ambient light control features. These features adjust the brightness of the screen according to the amount of light in the room and can reduce power consumption by up to 30 percent. 
  • Look for the size TV that best fits your home. For every ten inches you increase your screen size, the TV will use between 50 to 70 percent more energy, so bigger isn’t always better. 
  • Plasma TVs, which are an older flat screen technology, generally use about 30 percent more energy than LED backlit LCD TVs. 

For the most efficient TVs among comparable units in size and features, look for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient TVs. These are the best of the ENERGY STAR models in a given year.

Energy star recognition for most efficient 2017

You can save even more by plugging the components of your home entertainment systems into an advanced power strip. Learn more on our advanced power strip page.


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