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ENERGY STAR® certified computers: same great features, lower energy costs.

The amount of time we spend on computers has increased dramatically over the last ten years, meaning they’re on more and drawing energy for longer periods of time. ENERGY STAR certified computers and monitors offer all the features that non-certified models have, but can help you save energy costs.

An ENERGY STAR certified computer uses about 60 percent less energy than a non-certified computer, depending on how it is used. Monitors that have earned the ENERGY STAR Seal are 25 percent more energy efficient, on average, than conventional options.

Utilizing your computer’s power management settings makes it even more energy efficient. This puts your computer into sleep mode after a specified time of inactivity, allowing it to use less energy. If you use ENERGY STAR certified equipment for your home office, such as a desktop computer, laptop, or monitor, and enable power management settings, you can save up to $260 over the life of the equipment.

Mass Save® doesn’t currently offer incentives for this measure, but below are some resources to help you choose the most efficient option.


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Recycle Your Old Home Electronics

Did you know that you can recycle your old electronics? This helps the environment by keeping these products out of landfills and saving energy needed to produce new products. Check out our Electronics Recycling page to learn how to safely recycle electronics in your area.

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