Water Heating

Enjoy warmer water, more efficiently.  
A mother and daughter using a water faucet

Water heating is often a home’s second-highest energy cost. There are a wide variety of high-efficiency water heating systems on the market that help residents save on energy costs and improve the comfort of their homes.

There are also low-cost ways to save on water heating costs before purchasing a new water heater—like installing low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and thermostatic shutoff valves.

An energy efficient kitchen in Massachusetts

Case Study: All-Electric Home in Acton

When setting out to build a new home, homeowners in Acton wanted a high level of energy efficiency and a low carbon footprint. With a ducted heat pump, heat pump water heater, solar array, and battery storage, these homeowners have an annual electric savings of 9,595 kWh.

Case Study: Drury Residence

A Greenfield homeowner received $10,000 in incentives after participating in a no-cost energy assessment and replacing his furnace and water heater with clean, efficient heat pump systems.