Maximize Your Home's Efficiency
With Insulation and Air Sealing

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Explore energy-saving options for your home.

Determining how and where you use energy around your home can help identify opportunities to save energy. If you're ready to discover your energy-saving opportunities, the Sponsors of Mass Save are here to help.

Starting with weatherization.

Upgrading your insulation and air sealing can have a big impact on your home's efficiency and comfort - and can help cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

Other benefits of weatherization:

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Reduce energy use

fewer drafts icon

Fewer drafts

air quality icon

Improved air quality

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Reduced outside noise

humidity control icon

Improved humidity control

allergen pests icon

Reduced allergens and pests

Find your energy savings.

  • To learn more about weatherization, home energy assessments and incentives you may be eligible for, visit our general information page.
  • If you live in a 1-4 unit home, and you meet annual household income requirements, you may qualify for enhanced incentives. A family of four making up to $108,000 annually would qualify.
  • If you are on your energy provider's discount rate, receive fuel assistance or are on a payment plan, you could be eligible for our Income Eligible Programs. A family of four making up to $81,000 would qualify.