Heat Pump Installer Network

Participating Heat Pump Installers are independent, licensed, insured, and actively engaged with the Mass Save Residential Heating and Cooling Program.


Benefits of Participation

Participating Heat Pump Installers have access to:

  • Residential rebates and financing
  • Listing on the Mass Save website
  • Virtual training through the Mass Save Energy Efficiency Learning Center (EELC)
    • Cold Climate Heat Pump Training
    • measureQuick Training
  •  Free brochures and other sales tools
  • Monthly program e-newsletter
    • Program updates
    • Installation best practices tips
    • Notice of upcoming industry training opportunities


Joining the Network

To join the network, heating and cooling contractors must:

  • Sign a Mass Save Residential Heat Pump Installer Participation Agreement
  • Provide relevant licenses, certificates, and proof of training

Air Source Heat Pump primary installers will need an EPA Section 608 Certification and certification of air source heat pump installer training provided by a heat pump manufacturer. Ground Source Heat Pump primary Installers will need an Internal Ground-Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) accredited installer certificate or an IGSHPA GeoExchange Designer certificate.

To become a Participating Mass Save Heat Pump Installer, submit the above documentation to [email protected]


Remaining Active

Within the first year of participation, heat pump installers must complete:

  • Cold Climate Heat Pump Training via the Mass Save Energy Efficiency Learning Center
  • Cold Climate Sizing and Design Training by a heat pump manufacturer