Lawn Equipment for Homes and Businesses

Purchase battery-powered lawn equipment to reduce your carbon footprint

If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining your property or facility, consider switching over your gas-powered lawn equipment to battery-powered.


Why use battery-powered over gas?

Quieter operation

Electric mowers and lawn equipment can be 20 decibels quieter than their gas counterparts. That is the difference between a washing machine and a motorcycle.

Less maintenance

With gas equipment you have to replace parts annually including spark plugs, oil and air filters. That's not the case with electric equipment.

Easier to maneuver

Electric lawn equipment is lighter than their gas-powered siblings. That means they're easier to handle and maneuver. Some models can be more easily stored and hung up out of the way due to the lighter weight.

Cleaner for the environment

The Environmental Protection Agency states that gas lawn mowers contribute the lion's share of nonroad-related air pollution generated nationwide. The Electric Power Research Institute notes if we replaced half the gas-powered lawn mowers with electric ones, it would reduce the same amount of emissions as removing two million vehicles from the road.