Get Verified

Customers pursuing Tier II rebates for eligible boilers and furnaces must confirm that the existing heating system is inefficient and non-condensing.

Customers must complete and submit the 2024 existing heating system verification form with any supporting documentation of the previous system type (e.g., manuals or photos) with the rebate application. Approval is subject to review of the provided documentation. Systems must be installed by August 31, 2024, and applications submitted or postmarked by September 30, 2024, to be eligible for rebates.

Download 2024 Existing Heating System Verification Form

In order to access some rebates, the existing equipment must be verified by a Home Energy Specialist. This includes:

There are a few ways to have your existing equipment verified:

  1. If you have had a home energy assessment in the last year, you can contact your auditor for the rebate form and your site ID number. Once you have those you can submit the provided rebate form or use your site ID to submit the rebate through the online submission portal found here:

  2. If you have not had an assessment in the last year you can:
    1. Sign up for a whole home energy assessment. In addition, to verifying the existing equipment needed to access the rebates mentioned above, an Energy Specialist can help assess what other areas could be improved, like insulation, to help make your home even more energy efficient and save you money.
    2. If you are just interested in having your system verified, our energy specialist can do a virtual special home visit just to confirm the existing equipment for the rebate you are looking to access.

  3. To sign up for a Home Energy Assessment or a virtual Special Home visit, please call  1-866-527-SAVE (7283)

  4. Following the assessment or special home visit, the energy specialist will provide you with the rebate form and your unique site ID. You can either mail the form in or use your site ID to submit the rebate through the online submission portal found here: