Bringing energy upgrades and cost savings to those who need them the most.  
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The Sponsors of Mass Save are committed to reducing energy burden—and ensuring a clean energy future is accessible and attainable to all our residents.

On average, low-income and underserved communities pay a higher percentage of their household income on utility bills than medium- and higher-income households. For many of our families in Massachusetts, these high energy burdens are not only a strain on their finances, but on their long-term health, comfort, and well-being.

How We’re Helping

  • Offering enhanced incentives to income-eligible households across Massachusetts
  • Providing grants up to $60,000 to 30 municipalities and four community-based organizations who serve underserved, environmental justice communities, through our Community First Partnership Program 
  • Providing direct support to small businesses and diverse business groups through our Main Streets Program
  • Sponsoring up to $500,000 annually in energy efficiency education, outreach, and community education initiatives for non-profit organizations
  • Addressing customer language barriers through the creation and implementation of a Language Access Plan