Instant Foodservice Rebates

Point-of-Sale Commercial Foodservice Rebate Initiative

Want to lower your energy costs? The Sponsors of Mass Save® offer instant incentives when you purchase and install qualifying natural gas or electric high-efficiency commercial foodservice equipment through a participating dealer.

Why buy high-efficiency equipment?

Major cooking appliances account for almost 35% of the average restaurant’s energy expenditures1. High-efficiency equipment can decrease these energy costs by as much as 75%2.

High-efficiency equipment uses less energy and water so you pay less on your utility bills.

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How Do I Get the Rebate?

Find a Participating Dealer

Enter your information to find participating dealers near you.

  • 1 Find a Participating Dealer
    For Foodservice equipment, please use the tool above to locate participating dealers in your area or click here.

    For Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, please click here for a full list of distributors.
  • 2 Choose Qualified Equipment
    Once you have selected qualified equipment (see list below), provide your sales representative with your active non-residential natural gas or electric account number.
  • 3 Receive Instant Rebate on Qualified Equipment
    Complete a brief Customer Eligibility Form, and the rebate will be automatically applied at the register, as a deduction from your invoice after tax. Install the equipment at your facility and enjoy the cost savings of high-efficiency equipment!

Qualified Equipment

The Instant Rebates! Point-of-Sale Foodservice Initiative uses the ENERGY STAR® and/or Fishnick Qualifying Products List to determine the eligibility of various types, makes, and models of efficient gas-fired and electric commercial foodservice equipment.

Your participating foodservice equipment dealer can help you choose qualified equipment that will best fit your needs. For a full list of eligible equipment models, select the corresponding equipment lists at or

GAS Combination Oven $1,000
Convection Oven $1,000
Conveyor Broiler - <22"> $2,000
Conveyor Broiler - 22-28" wide $2,500
Conveyor Broiler - >28" wide $3,000
Conveyor Oven $1,000
Fryer $1,000
Griddle $500
Pre-Rinse Spray Valve $50
Rack Oven $1,000
Steamer $1,000
ELECTRIC Combination Oven $2,000
Convection Oven $500
Dishwasher High Temp – Door Type $250
Dishwasher High Temp – Multi Tank Conveyor $100
Dishwasher High Temp – Pot, Pan, Utensil $100
Dishwasher High Temp – Single Tank Conveyor $100
Dishwasher High Temp – Under Counter $250
Dishwasher Low Temp – Door Type $250
Dishwasher Low Temp – Multi Tank Conveyor $100
Dishwasher Low Temp – Single Tank Conveyor $100
Dishwasher Low Temp – Under Counter $250
Glass or Solid Door Freezer - Volume less than 15 cubic feet $100
Glass or Solid Door Freezer - Volume of 15 - 29.9 cubic feet $200
Glass or Solid Door Freezer - Volume of 30 - 49.9 cubic feet $150
Glass or Solid Door Freezer - Volume of 50 cubic feet or more $250
Fryer Large Vat $150
Fryer Standard Vat $150
Griddle $400
Hot Food Holding Cabinet 3/4 Size $750
Hot Food Holding Cabinet Full Size $900
Hot Food Holding Cabinet Half Size $600
Ice Machine - Ice Making Head $250
Ice Machine - Remote Cond./Split Unit - Batch $200
Ice Machine - Remote Cond./Split Unit - Continuous $200
Ice Machine - Self Contained $100
Glass or Solid Door Refrigerator - Volume less than 15 cubic feet $100
Glass or Solid Door Refrigerator - Volume of 15 - 29.9 cubic feet $150
Glass or Solid Door Refrigerator - Volume of 30 - 49.9 cubic feet $200
Glass or Solid Door Refrigerator - Volume of 50 cubic feet or more $250
Steam Cooker $1,000
Ultra Low Temp Freezer $1,200

Dealer Enrollment

  • Rebates paid at the point-of-sale motivates the purchase of efficient, high-profit margin equipment that will save customers money and energy.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with the instant rebate and minimal paperwork.
  • Sales incentives are paid to dealers for each eligible high-efficiency product sold.
  • Sales incentive and full rebate repayment provided to dealer within two weeks of application approval.
  • Online system provides streamlined application submittal.
  • Dealers who sell rebate-qualified, energy-efficient commercial foodservice equipment to non-residential Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas, Cape Light Compact, Columbia Gas, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, and Unitil customers are eligible for this program.
  • Rebates and sales incentives are paid to the dealer for qualifying equipment discounted to customer at the point-of-sale.
  • By enrolling and participating in the program, dealers will gain access to resources, market information and ongoing support.

For More Information

Please contact the Program Implementer Energy Solutions at 617-440-5466 or [email protected] for more details or to enroll in the program.

1.Energy consumption for commercial kitchens based on ENERGY STAR study:
2.Energy consumption savings are based on a comparison of annual gas consumption for high-efficiency and standard-efficiency units of equivalent size and capacity. Actual savings obtained in each instance may vary and will depend on various factors, including geographic location, weather conditions, equipment installed, usage rates and so forth. Completing multiple energy-saving measures will not necessarily result in cumulative savings.
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