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Energy-Efficiency Tailored for Your Industry
What can the Sponsors of Mass Save® offer your business?  We've created profiles to illustrate how our programs, incentives, and services can help specific industries realize the benefits of becoming more energy efficient.


Types of Businesses We Serve

  • Data Centers

    Save energy and money while ensuring the integrity of your data center and maintaining reliability, performance, and security within your facility.

  • Grocery Stores

    It’s clear that your customers are your top priority. Through increased energy efficiency, you can improve your overall store environment and ultimately your customers’ experience.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    Improving the energy efficiency of healthcare facilities makes good business sense, for both social and economic reasons. Increased sustainability and reduced energy costs will yield more money for patient care and clinical programs, while contributing to a healthier environment.

  • Hospitality

    Our experts understand the importance of aesthetics and comfort to the hospitality industry. Energy efficiency can help you take your building’s aesthetics and comfort to the next level—all while saving you money.

  • Laboratories

    Safety is a top priority in all laboratory facilities. You can save energy and money while maintaining or even improving your lab’s safety!

  • Manufacturing Facilities

    Manufacturing is one of the most energy-intensive operations in the U.S. According to ENERGY STAR®, the U.S. manufacturing sector consumes about one-third of the energy used in the United States and contributes about 28 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Energy is a significant, controllable expense for most manufacturers, and energy efficiency is a direct way to reduce this cost while limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Whether making steel, processing cranberry juice, or bagging potato chips, there is great potential for improving energy efficiency.

  • Municipal Buildings

    Mass Save can help you make smart energy efficiency investments to your municipal facilities. Schools are the biggest municipal energy user.

    Click Here to View Mass Save's Best Practices for Efficiently Meeting Indoor Air Quality Standards in K-12 Schools

  • Property Management

    Whether you own a multifamily residential building, office, industrial building, or retail property, making smart investments in energy efficiency can have a big impact on your bottom line.

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