Mini-Split Heat Pump Tips

Cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%, while increasing the comfort of your home.

What’s a Mini-Split Heat Pump?

A new, high-efficiency mini-split heat pump delivers warm or cool air directly into different zones of your home, allowing you to avoid the energy losses associated with the ductwork of central forced air systems. Mini-splits can cost-effectively replace baseboard electric heating and window air conditioners.

Work with a licensed HVAC contractor to determine if mini-split heat pumps are right for your home. Learn how you can receive rebates up to $300 when installing a qualifying mini-split heat pump. Mini-Split Heat Pump Offer Page

How to get the most savings from your mini-split heat pump

Installing an energy-efficient mini-split heat pump is the first step to lowering your heating and cooling costs and increasing your home’s comfort. To maximize your savings and comfort, our savings guide will let you know how to best use your heat pump for heating and cooling your home.