Building Insulation & Weatherization

Upgrade your building’s insulation, seal cracks in the attic, and lock in savings.
Building Insulation and Weatherization Hero

Improving your building’s envelope is a cost-effective way to cut energy bills and improve comfort in your business space. With weatherization upgrades like insulation, air sealing, and weatherstripping, businesses can save money by reducing energy loss and improving occupant comfort.

Pre-Weatherization Barrier Mitigation

Rebates for removing asbestos and vermiculite, as well as knob and tube wiring in commercial and industrial buildings before weatherizing.


Buildings Under 8,000 Square Feet

Incentives to upgrade insulation in attics, basements, and walls, and seal air leakage in attics.


Buildings 8,000 - 100,000 Square Feet

Incentives for insulating walls and roofs/attics, weatherstripping doors and windows, and air sealing walls and roofs.


Buildings Over 100,000 Square Feet

Incentives for custom weatherization projects, like insulation, air sealing, and weatherstripping that require calculations to determine energy savings.