Save Money with Enhanced Insulation and Appliance Incentives

Depending on your household income, you may qualify for special offers that can save you even more money.

If your annual household income falls within the following ranges, you may qualify for enhanced incentives on energy efficient improvements, such as insulation upgrades and appliance rebates.

See if You’re Eligible:

Number of Household Members Annual Household Income
1 $35,510.29 - $47,347.00
2 $46,436.53 - $61,915.00
3 $57,362.77 - $76,484.00
4 $68,289.01 - $91,052.00
5 $79,215.25 - $105,620.00
6 $90,141.49 - $120,189.00
7 $92,190.16 - $122,920.00

If You Qualify, Here Are More Details on Enhanced Offers:

Energy Efficiency
Enhanced Insulation Incentive Enhanced Appliance Rebates
Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas, Cape Light Compact, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, Eversource, Liberty, National Grid, and Unitil No-cost insulation $200 refrigerator rebate
$400 clothes washer rebate
* Please note existing appliances need to be verified as eligible for this rebate through a Mass Save Site Visit

For comparison, the standard offer is 75% off insulation, $150 refrigerator rebate and $350 clothes washer rebate.


The first step to greater energy savings is a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. Call to schedule yours today:


Already Had a Home Energy Assessment? Here’s Your Next Step…

If you had an assessment, received recommendations for insulation, and you think you are eligible for enhanced incentives, call 1-866-537-7267 to start the no-cost income verification process.
For quick approval, please have the following three items handy when you call:

  1. Your Site ID number listed on your Home Energy Assessment Report
  2. Your utility heating or electric bill
  3. Proof of income for all household members ages 18 and over


What’s proof of income?

  • If you are paid weekly, four current pay stubs
  • If you are paid bi-weekly, two current pay stubs
  • If you are paid monthly, one current pay stub
  • Current monthly benefits statement for SSA (social security), SSI (supplemental security income), SSDI (social security disability insurance), DTA (transitional assistance), unemployment, workers’ compensation, or a current 1099 Form
  • If you are self-employed, your most recently filed tax return


For information about Cape Light Compact JPE’s enhanced offer and income guidelines, please visit the Cape Light Compact JPE website and go to “Energy Services Available for Your Existing Home or Rental Property – Income Eligible.”

This Offer is Available to Residential Customers Of: