Facility Assessments

Massachusetts Program Administrators offer no-cost facility assessments to find and prioritize ways for you to save energy and costs with practical ideas and tips, such as:

  • Updating or retrofitting equipment 
  • Controlling equipment for occupancy changes throughout the day 
  • Discovering money-saving business solutions, discounts and rebates
  • Improving employee productivity and business interior comfort

Your facility may be eligible for measures that can be scheduled for direct installation and paid for by Program Administrators up to 70 percent.


Our Qualified Contractors Identify Eligible Electric and Gas Savings Measures Including the Following:

Electric Gas
Lighting System Upgrades & Controls (including LEDs) Air sealing and weatherization
Refrigeration Controls and Cooler Upgrades Pipe insulation
HVAC System Upgrades & Controls Heating System Controls
Motor or Drive Controls
Steam trap maintenance
Compressed Air Systems
High-Efficiency heating and water heating equipment
Upgrades & Controls
Faucet Aerators
Trickle Start Shower Heads New!



We make it easy, so you can stay focused on your business. Here’s how it works

  • 1

    Contact your Program Administrator to schedule your facility assessment.

  • 2

    Our qualified contractor identifies potential energy savings measures during a no-cost facility assessment.

  • 3

    You receive a customized proposal detailing energy efficient recommendations. Program Administrators offer to pay for up to 70 percent of the costs.*

  • 4

    Installation is completed at your convenience.

  • 5

    Start saving! Not sure who your PA is? Use the Find Your Program Administrator Tool to get started.

  • *Larger facilities may need further analysis and design. Program Administrators offer incentives for Engineering Studies and for Custom projects. Find out more here.

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