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What is measureQuick?

HVAC Check is a 4-hour contractor training that focuses on two testing procedures - Air Flow and Charge Check (AC Check) for central air conditioning and central heat pumps, and mini split check  for single and multi-head mini split heat pumps. These testing procedures verify that central air conditioning, central heat pump and mini-split heat systems are commissioned properly and in good running condition. Systems that are properly commissioned have improved efficiency and create increased comfort and savings for homeowners.

Technicians are trained to perform these testing procedures to ensure proper installation and operation of equipment and systems, which gives your company a real edge on the competition by providing better service to your customers.

Why Become a measureQuick Qualified Contractor?

Trained HVAC Check contractors are eligible to receive incentives for installation and verification work as well as reimbursements for training and diagnostic tool purchases. All the while, you’ll be ensuring maximum efficiency, comfort, and savings for your customers, and reducing call backs due to system issues. By partnering with us, you can attract more customers with exclusive offers like our 0% HEAT Loan. Incentives include $130 for HVAC Check test, $250 for downsizing and $2CFM (max $600) for duct sealing.

How to participate?

  • 1 Register for measureQuick Training

    The half day measureQuick training class is typically offered from March through June each year. For more information, call 833-664-0348 or email [email protected].

  • 2 Complete an Online Course Prior to Your Training Class

    Once you're registered for a measureQuick training class, a link will be provided to a one-hour mandatory online course, Introduction to Airflow. Technicians must successfully complete the online course prior to attending the classroom training.

  • 3 Purchase Diagnostic Equipment

    Each contractor is required to have their own set of tools for measureQuick training and certification. Please refer to the list of  trainer-recommended tool packages to ensure your technicians are equipped with the proper testing equipment prior to attending the training class. If tools must be purchased, retain a copy of the receipt.

  • Contractors are eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to $150 per certified technician upon meeting our requirements.

  • 4 Complete an In-Person Training Class

    The training course lasts approximately four hours and you must bring your diagnostic equipment to participate. Upon successful completion of training, a technician will become measureQuick Certified, receive a Tech ID, and be provided with instructions for how to submit measureQuick tests through the online measureQuick portal.

  • 5 Complete AC Check Tests & Apply for Benefit

    Once a certified technician has completed at least three passing AC Check or MS Check tests within one calendar year of completing training, contractors can complete the Contractor Web Listing, Training and Tool Reimbursement Application and become eligible to receive the full benefits of the program, including:
    Training & Tool Reimbursement:
    Contractors can apply to receive up to $200 for training reimbursement and up to $150 for tool purchases, per certified technician.
    Website Listing:
    Upon completion of the required measureQuick tests, your company is eligible to be included on Mass Save’s online list of  measureQuick Trained Contractors.
    Once on the list of measureQuick Trained Contractors, you are able to offer your customers the Mass Save 0% HEAT Loan  financing for installation of central air conditioning and heat pump systems.
    Call 833-664-0348 or e-mail  [email protected]  with any questions about participation requirements, incentives, and trainings.

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