New Construction & Major Renovations

Get start-to-finish support from qualified energy consultants to help you design, build and operate a building that meets your energy and electrification goals and stays within budget.
No matter the building or project size, we can help your business save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether you’re designing a new building or undertaking a major renovation, the Sponsors of Mass Save can help you optimize your energy use and incorporate energy systems that minimize carbon emissions. We offer comprehensive incentives and technical support to help you design a low carbon, energy-efficient building that’s comfortable, durable, and less costly to operate.

All of our participation pathways include a special focus on cold climate heat pumps. Include air source heat pumps, variable refrigerant flow systems or ground source heat pumps in the design of your new construction or major renovation project and receive the following per-ton incentives:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps: $800/ton
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems: $1,200/ton
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps: $4,500/ton

In alignment with the Commonwealth's policy and climate goals, the Sponsors of Mass Save are discontinuing incentives for fossil fuel equipment and new construction buildings that utilize fossil fuel equipment. Effective January 1, 2025, the Sponsors of Mass Save will no longer be permitted to issue incentive payments tied to fossil fuel equipment or new construction buildings with fossil fuel equipment.

For new projects enrolling, view the C&I New Buildings and Major Renovations Participation Requirements to distinguish eligibility of new construction vs. major renovation buildings.

Construction & Renovation Support Options

Path 1: Net Zero and Low EUI Buildings (10,000 sf or greater)

Receive expert net zero building technical assistance and the highest new construction/major renovation project incentives available. Set an ultra-low site energy use intensity (EUI) goal, decarbonize your building and save.

We work with you all the way through a post occupancy period to make sure the building is designed, built and performs at the levels you expect.

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Path 2: Whole Building Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Reduction Approach (50,000 sf or greater)

For larger, complex building projects, we offer technical expertise, energy modeling services, and financial incentives for businesses to meet EUI reduction goals.

This design-based offer supports projects that combine the lowest predicted EUIs with heat pump and other low carbon strategies - at the highest incentive levels, paid when construction is complete.

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Path 3: High Performance Buildings

Where customers may not wish to or are unable to set an EUI target, when projects qualify as new construction/major renovation but are not whole buildings (e.g., tenant fit outs, parking garages), or where customers seek support for discrete measures only including heat pumps, we can help.

Our energy experts will guide you in selecting the most cost-effective energy conservation measures for your building. Technical assistance and incentives are available to help cover the costs associated with implementing energy efficiency measures.

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For more details, please see the recording for our Commercial New Construction Webinar discussing the support of Electrification and Ultra Low EUIs with Enhanced Incentives (recorded December 2022.)

Multi-Family High Rise

Building a new multi-family project or own or manage a property with five or more units? Reduce your operating costs and increase your property's value by taking advantage of our special money-saving opportunities. Please visit our Multi-Family High Rise New Construction Program page to learn more about incentives offered for energy efficient new construction.

To learn more about ways to reduce your current energy costs, please visit our Multi-Family Home Energy Assessments page to explore rebates and incentives available through our no-cost Energy Assessments.