Pre-Weatherization Barrier Incentive

If your Energy Specialist recommended insulation and/or air sealing improvements during your Home Energy Assessment, but barriers were identified, such as knob and tube wiring or concerns with your ventilation mechanical system, please follow the steps below:

  • 1

    Hire a qualified, licensed contractor to evaluate and/or remediate the weatherization barrier(s).

  • 2

    Submit your completed, signed copies of the Weatherization Barrier Incentives Form and a copy of the paid contractor invoice(s) within 60 days after your Home Energy Assessment. Contact information is provided on the form. Contact your Energy Specialist if you need additional copies of the Incentives Form.

  • 3

    Receive your incentive. The incentive will first be applied as a credit toward your total job cost for the weatherization work. If your job cost is less than your incentive amount, you will receive a check for the difference once the weatherization work is completed.

  • 4

    Complete the recommended insulation and/or air sealing improvements.

If you have any questions, contact your Energy Specialist or call 866-527-7283.


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