The Benefits

With heating and cooling costs accounting for up to 76 percent of your home’s energy use, installing a wireless thermostat enables you to maximize your energy savings. Wireless thermostats allow you to program your custom usage schedule and monitor and change your home’s temperature remotely from your smart device. You can also receive messages and alerts via text or email. For example, if the temperature in your home dips too low you can be alerted. With the ability to adjust the temperature remotely, you can control your heating and cooling systems so that they don’t operate as much while you are away from home or asleep, saving you energy and money.


Available Rebates and Incentives

You may be eligible for discounted wireless thermostats, installed for you at no cost. Or you can purchase any wireless thermostat of your choice at a retail store and receive up to a $100 rebate.


Next Steps

Discounted wireless thermostats, installed at no-cost:

  • 1

    View available wireless thermostat models, discounted costs, and more information here.

  • 2

    Call 1-866-527-7283 to schedule your no-cost installation.

  • $100 wireless thermostat rebate:

    • 1

      Purchase up to 2 wireless thermostats at a retailer of your choice. Learn more here.

    • 2

      Submit your rebate application by mail or online.