Commercial and Industrial HVAC Program

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This program helps transform the HVAC market by creating ease of access to high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment for commercial and industrial customers in Massachusetts, even in emergency replacement situations.

What is the Commercial and Industrial HVAC Program?

The Sponsors of Mass Save® (Sponsors) have engaged with the market to offer the most efficient electric commercial HVAC equipment to our customers. The program covers several types and sizes of commercial air conditioning, heat pump units and ECM Pumps.

Through an agreement with participating distributors, this Program helps ensure that high-efficiency equipment is available and able to confer lifetime energy savings to customers. This additionally ensures that equipment is available for emergency replacement situations and prevents unnecessary delivery delays with back-ordered equipment.

Working with HVAC distributors all over Massachusetts means that a variety of businesses (such as small businesses, diverse business enterprises, and remotely-located customers) are able to benefit from high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment.

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Participants: If you are an HVAC distributor interested in participating, contact the Program Implementer below for more information.

The program covers several types and sizes of commercial air conditioning and heat pump units, including VRF systems, ECM Pumps and Dual Enthalpy Economizers. These high efficiency systems help you secure even greater energy savings, which you can learn more about here.

All equipment performance specifications are verified through the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), or otherwise approved by the Sponsors of Mass Save. You can visit the AHRI website ( to research eligible equipment, or contact the Program Implementer if you have questions on what may be eligible.

Qualifying equipment must be installed and operated at the eligible customer’s premises in Massachusetts.

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Customers: Please contact your Mass Save Sponsor or a participating distributor
Distributors: Please contact the Program Implementer below
Cassandra Squiers
Energy Solutions
[email protected]

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