Make Your Holidays Jolly and Bright with New LEDs

November 14, 2018

November is here and that means some of our favorite holidays are coming up fast! If you are opening up your home to host family and friends during the holidays, now is a great time to prep your home. Whether it’s getting some new pillows for the sofa, getting new holiday-themed decorations, or even updating your lighting, now is the time to make these minor updates. We recommend that you consider prioritizing lighting updates. Updating your lighting to ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs can help to set the ideal ambience and make your guests more comfortable. On top of these benefits, LEDs are far more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and have lifetimes of up to 25 years. With LED lighting, you’ll experience great energy savings and you won’t have to update your lighting again for many holidays to come. Continue reading to learn where the Sponsors of Mass Save® – Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid, and Until – believe lighting updates can be most beneficial during the holiday celebrations this year.

  1. Dining Room

    While many of us still have formal dining areas, they rarely get used except for holidays, parties, or celebrations. Nonetheless, when the dining room is in use, you will want it looking its best. You may have a few burned-out bulbs on the chandelier that need replacing or bulbs in the wall sconces that are different  color temperatures making for undesirable lighting aesthetics.  Now is the perfect time to update your decorative lighting fixtures with LEDs. They come in all different styles and shapes, including candelabras. Also, a recent and fun trend in the LED market has been the ‘Edison’ bulb that shows the traditional filament and offers a warm glow, which is perfect for dining lighting. Most LEDs are dimmable with compatible dimmers, too, so you can adjust the lighting throughout the evening.

  2. Kitchen

    If you’re hosting any holidays this season, you will surely be spending many hours in the kitchen preparing a feast for your guests. You’ll want to be on your game and making the perfect cuts for all of the dishes. It’s paramount to have adequate kitchen lighting and highly recommended that you have both task lighting and general lighting. These serve different purposes, with task lighting illuminating targeted areas so that you can see clearly while working and general lighting offers ambience and lighting up a broader space. And since you will be updating to ENERGY STAR certified LEDs, you know that they will bring energy savings, be long-lasting, and safe for your home.

  3. Outdoor Lighting
  4. It might seem odd to advocate for updating your outdoor lighting when it’s only getting colder and we’re spending less time outside, but now is really the best time to make these improvements. As the days grow shorter, there’s less daylight and more of a need for reliable outdoor lighting. This is especially true when you’re hosting during the holidays and you will have an uptick in foot traffic. With the inevitable snow and ice, you’ll want your family and friends to be able to watch their footing and get in and out of your home safely. ENERGY STAR certified LEDs are far more energy-efficient than incandescent or halogen bulbs. They’re also longer lasting, are less likely to be affected by the cold temperatures and come in damp and wet-rated

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends and consider updating your lighting before the celebrations! The Sponsors of Mass Save offer great discounts and incentives on LEDs. Order yours through the online store or use our store finder to find participating retailers near you.

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