Multi-Family High-Rise New Construction

Incentives for multi-family buildings (4 stories or more)

The Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program High-Rise Path promotes the construction of energy efficient residential multifamily buildings in Massachusetts. Monetary incentives are available to Program participants who complete projects that meet all Program requirements.


Incentives are available for both residential in-unit and common area energy efficiency measures. Incentives are awarded based on annual site energy saved. Incentives are given per kWh and therm saved and are dependent on the building’s performance as determined by the Program-provided energy model.


Participants are strongly encouraged to contact the Program during the schematic or design development phase to receive the maximum support and incentives available. If there is no involvement before construction begins, the project may not be eligible for support.


Our dedicated Account Managers will guide you throughout the process to ensure you receive support to build into your project. Account Managers will provide ongoing technical support throughout construction including optional design charrettes in order to increase efficiency beyond the Mass Save Baseline. Participants must provide detailed project information outlining all qualifying energy efficiency equipment and measures being installed as well as plans, specifications, and approved submittals.


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  • Project sites must be located within a Mass Save Sponsor's service territory in Massachusetts. 
  • Residential and mixed use new construction, four stories and above, are eligible to participate. More than 50 percent gut renovation residential and mixed use projects, four stories and above, are also eligible.
  • Additionally, master-metered natural gas projects under four stories are eligible.
  • The incentives available may vary based on project performance.
  • Incentives and Program eligibility requirements are subject to change each Program year.

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