Higher Incentives for Super Insulation of Exterior Walls

Greater insulation incentives are available for customers super insulating exterior walls, floors over a garage or cathedral ceilings above current code-compliant new homes. These incentives are available for customers residing in 1-4 unit family homes.


Eligible Measures

Type Maximum
Existing Insulation
/sq. ft
Wall Insulation No insulation R-40 $3.50
Floor Over Garage 3" R-60 $3.00
Cathedral Ceiling 3" R-60 $3.00

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Deeper Energy Savings incentives, please call 866-527-7283 to schedule a Deeper Energy Savings site visit with a Program Energy Specialist.

The following Program Administrators in Mass Save®  are offering these incentives.

Customers heating with natural gas:

Berkshire Gas
Liberty Utilities (Massachusetts)

Customers heating with electric, oil, or propane:

Cape Light Compact


Full Eligibility Requirements

The premises in which installations occur must be comprised of 1, 2, 3 or 4 dwelling units. Multifamily and condominiums are not eligible to participate. Residents of each dwelling unit must be current participants in the Mass Save Program sponsored by one of the following sponsors: Bershire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, and Unitil (collectively referred to herein as the “Mass Save Program Sponsors”). Municipal electric customers that heat with natural gas are eligible to participate in the Deeper Energy Savings Program.

Additional eligibility requirements include:
  • Customers that are currently receiving fuel assistance and/or are on the electric or gas discount rate, are to be served via the income eligible program through their local Community Action Program Agency
  • These incentives are only available to retrofits of existing buildings. New construction buildings and full rehabs are NOT eligible to participate.
  • Areas receiving the insulation must be conditioned living spaces
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are NOT eligible
  • Interior renovations are NOT eligible
  • Deeper Energy Savings program incentives cannot be combined with any other Mass Save Home Energy Services incentives for insulation
Requirements to participate:
  • Must submit application/inquiry form
  • Projects must be enrolled before construction begins
  • Projects must be completed within 1 year from enrollment
  • Must provide proof of building permit (if applicable)
  • Contractors must be licensed in the state of MA and be approved by the Program Sponsor.
  • If adding new heating equipment, consider installing rebate-eligible equipment.
  • If adding new appliances, consider installing rebate-eligible appliances.
  • Customer/Contractor is responsible for sending in-process pictures of weatherization work per the established schedule
    • If the deeper savings measure is an enclosed area, the customer/contractor is responsible for sending photos of the insulation while exposed
    • Contractor will be required to acknowledge in writing that measures were installed to all required specifications
  • Weatherization work must be completed by a Deeper Savings Participating Contractor
  • Customer/contractor must provide the total cost of the project itemized by each eligible measure.

This is a program for existing homes. For more information on new construction for newly-built or gutted homes, please click here.


Required Steps

  • Schedule a Deeper Energy Savings site visit by calling 866-527-7283, and an Energy Specialist will visit the home to confirm the pre-existing insulation values. If Home Energy Assessment has already been performed, this information has been captured. Please note, that pre-existing verification must be performed before demolition/construction can begin.
  • Work with a certified contractor to complete and submit the application form. For a list of available contractors, click here.
  • Upon project acceptance, a notification will be sent via email or phone informing the customer that the work is eligible to begin.
    Please note if the work is in an enclosed area the customer or contractor must call for a verification inspection after the insulation is installed, but is still exposed.
  • Upon completion, submit the final contractor invoice.
  • An incentive check will be issued and mailed to you.