Room Air Cleaners

Save when you take advantage of our $40 rebate.

Room air cleaners, also known as "room air purifiers," are portable indoor appliances that remove fine particles, such as pollen and dust, and even unpleasant odors from the air. A continuously operating standard room air cleaner uses approximately 550 kWh per year in electricity – that’s more than some new refrigerators.

ENERGY STAR®certified room air cleaners are 40 percent more energy efficient than standard models, and can save $250 in electricity costs over the course of their life.


For more information about ENERGY STAR certified room air cleaners and a list of certified models:

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    Purchase an ENERGY STAR certified room air cleaner.

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    Submit your rebate form and receipt by mail or online.

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  • This offer is only open to Massachusetts residential electric customers of Cape Light Compact JPE, Eversource, National Grid, or Unitil.
  • Limit one room air cleaner rebate per account per calendar year.
  • The rebate is good for purchases made from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.
  • Applications for 2019 rebates and all necessary materials must be postmarked or submitted online by January 31, 2020. Download the 2019 Mass Save Room Air Cleaner Rebate form.