Refrigerator & Freezer Recycling for Small Businesses

Enjoy savings with a $50 rebate.
Unlike new high efficiency models, older refrigeration units waste energy. In fact, they could be costing you as much as $150 annually in lost energy.


Mass Save® is here to help. We’re offering small businesses a $50 rebate for recycling their old fridge or freezer. Not only will you get $50, we’ll pick up your unit at no cost to you. In fact, we will come to your business, haul away your fridge or freezer and give you $50 for it.

Add our additional energy saving solutions to that, and then think of how your small business can put that extra money to use.

After pickup, the old refrigerators and freezers are transported to an appliance recycling facility. Harmful materials such as capacitors and mercury-containing switches and thermostats are removed and properly disposed. 95 percent of the refrigerator’s components (including metal, plastic, glass and oil) are reclaimed for reuse in manufacturing new products. Even the foam insulation is safely incinerated to generate electricity.

Ready to recycle? First, schedule your NO COST pickup online or by phone. Have your electric account number handy to avoid scheduling delays.


or call 1-877-889-4761

Offer is available through December 31, 2018 to Cape Light Compact JPE and National Grid Massachusetts electric customers. The participating sponsors of Mass Save contracts with ARCA, an appliance recycler, to pick up and recycle old, refrigerators and freezers that are in working condition. The unit must be between 10 cubic feet and 30 cubic feet in size, using inside measurements. Customer may recycle a maximum of two units per calendar year for a maximum rebate of $100. Offer is subject to change or cancelation at any time. Savings and energy efficiency experiences may vary.

Small Business Recycling Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the program:

  • 1

    You must be a Small Business electric customer of National Grid or Cape Light Compact JPE with average monthly kW demand of 300 kW or less

  • 2

    The unit must be sized between 10 – 30 cubic feet

  • 3

    The unit must be clean, empty, and in working condition at the time of pick-up


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