Whole Building Solutions – Large Buildings over 100,000 sq. ft.

Comprehensive technical expertise and financial incentives to make your large building project energy efficient.

The Integrated Design Path for Large Buildings program provides building owners and design teams with energy efficiency expertise early in the construction or renovation process. Its purpose is to reduce the energy demand and consumption of a building by implementing cost-effective design alternatives while changes are still feasible. Your project's Mass Save® Sponsor(s) will help with technical assistance and financial incentives. Incentives can be offered to both the building owner and the design team.


Eligible projects are new buildings, building additions, and buildings undergoing renovation that need replacement of major systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and measures that improve building envelope. Incentives are offered based on expected annual site energy savings, and go to help defray incremental construction costs or additional design services. In addition to providing incentives, the Sponsor support is provided in an advisory capacity, offering technical assistance and design support. Design teams are not obligated to perform the Sponsor’s recommendations.

Download the Memorandum of Understanding for the Integrated Design Path for Large Buildings for a full description of the process and requirements for this program.


Engineering Services Templates:


  • 1 Early Coordination with the Sponsor

    The program is only available before the end of design development, so your Mass Save Sponsor should be contacted early in the process. Following an initial conversation, your Sponsor will assign a Technical Advisor (TA) vendor to provide support.

  • 2 Energy Charrette

    The Sponsor will provide a fixed $3,000 stipend to hold a “charrette”—a meeting which brings all participants together in a problem-solving session to brainstorm potential energy conservation measures [ECMs]. These are then put into a formal document for further analysis. The stipend is paid to the design team lead, usually the architect, who may disperse to other team members as appropriate. To qualify, the charrette must adhere to a list of procedural requirements as outlined by the Sponsor.

  • 3 Energy Analysis/Modeling

    During the charrette, a base case is established. From there, the TA Vendor will perform an energy analysis using a simulation model (e.g. eQuest or Energy Plus). This will help the team evaluate the potential energy savings and construction costs of the ECMs identified, as well as any issues with state energy code compliance requirements.

  • 4 Comprehensive ECM Selection and Screening

    The TA Vendor will provide an interim report that gives a brief summary of the ECMs (both individually and combined), the incremental cost, associated electric and gas savings, and simple payback to help guide final design selections and ECMs to be both implemented and modeled Once selections are finalized and the model is complete, the Sponsor will screen the combined set of ECMs through a cost-benefit tool. Once all reports are finalized and all projects deemed cost-effective by the Sponsor, then incentives can be determined.

  • 5 Project Completion and Incentive Payment

    A few weeks before substantial completion, the Sponsor may request a set of the approved submittals and invoices associated with all of the ECMs subject to incentives. Sponsors may also request a copy of the project’s schedule of values. All projects in the program may also be subject to post-inspection.
    Upon approval, the Sponsor will provide an incentive payment to the owner and also, if applicable, to the design team lead.

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