Instant Rebates for Lab Grade Cold Storage Equipment

The Sponsors of Mass Save® are continuing to support the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine and ongoing  research by extending incentive opportunities for ENERGY STAR® certified Lab-Grade High-Performance Refrigerators & Freezers and Ultra Low Temp Freezers!  For participating customers, this means, more affordable energy efficient models, lower carbon footprint and savings on operating costs.

The changes below will be effective for all purchases made on or after May 1, 2022. The previous promotion of the $1,200 incentive across all equipment will expire for any purchases made after April 30, 2022.

Equipment Type Customer Incentive
Lab-Grade High Performance Refrigerators ≥6 and <25 cu.ft.
Lab-Grade High Performance Refigerators ≥25 and <44 cu.ft. cu.ft.
Lab-Grade High Performance Refigerators ≥44 cu.ft.
Lab-Grade High Performance Freezers ≥6 and <22 cu.ft.
Lab-Grade High Performance Freezers ≤22 cu.ft.
Ultra-Low Temp Freezers >6 cu.ft.  $2,000/unit


How Do I Get the Rebate?

  • 1Find a participating distributor.

    See below for a list of participating distributors.

  • 2Choose qualifying equipment.
    Work with your distributor to determine what qualifying model is right for your facility.
  • 3Receive your instant rebate.
    Confirm your equipment will be installed at a non-residential facility that is serviced by one of the Sponsors of Mass Save and is not already receiving a rebate through another program from one of Sponsors of Mass Save. The rebate will be applied as a discount on your invoice.

Eligible Customers

Effective for sales on or made after January 1, 2022, customers who receive electric service from a municipal electric company in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are no longer eligible for incentives through programs sponsored by Mass Save or National Grid in Rhode Island. Only customers located in a facility that pays for electricity through one of the Sponsors (Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid, and Unitil) and not receiving incentives through another program are eligible for incentives.


Participating Distributors

Company Phone Website
DOT Scientific 810-744-1478
Grainger 781-680-0005
LabRepCo, LLC 800-521-0754
MidSci 415-361-7132
NuAire 800-328-3352 x516
PHC Corporation of North America 347-820-4869
Stirling Ultracold 603-303-2387
Thermo Fisher Scientific 201-638-1231
Biomedical Sales Consultants 617-833-1112


Qualified Equipment

The cold storage lab equipment incentive offering uses the ENERGY STAR® products List to determine the eligibility of various types, makes, and models of efficient, laboratory grade refrigerators and freezers.

Your participating distributor can help you choose qualified equipment that will best fit your needs. For a full list of eligible equipment models, select the corresponding equipment lists at Please note that there are changes to the baseline and efficiency requirements for equipment to be eligible. Some ENERGY STAR models within the above categories will no longer qualify after May 1, 2022. Please review the current qualified products list with your distributor to see which model is right for your facility.


Additional Information

Please contact the Program Implementer for more details or to enroll in the program:

Energy Solutions

[email protected]