Compressed Air

Lower your electric bill with these incentives on energy efficient air compressors, and more.

Improving compressed air efficiency is generally the best opportunity industrial companies have to make a significant and immediate impact on their electric bill. After available incentives, these improvements can often be paid back in as little as one year. The Sponsors of Mass Save® offer comprehensive system evaluations and financial incentives for eligible equipment and energy efficiency measures, including:

  • New compressors
  • Refrigerated dryers
  • Additional storage
  • Zero-loss condensate drains
  • Enhanced controls
  • Piping improvements
  • Leak repair


Next Steps

For complete eligibility details and terms and conditions, refer to application or portal.


Contact your Mass Save Sponsor before purchasing and installing any equipment. You may use the Find Your Sponsor tool for contact information for your area.

Eligibility Guidelines 

  • Only new oil flooded rotary screw compressors for single compressors systems are eligible for prescriptive incentives.
  • Custom measures may be available for scroll, reciprocating, and oil free compressors.
  • Only compressors with nameplate horsepower (HP) equal to or greater than 15 HP and less than or equal to 75 HP are eligible for prescriptive incentives. For compressors with capacity rated in kW, rating shall be converted to HP for compliance check [= (kW) / (.746kW/HP)].
  • Proposed compressor must have Load/No Load, Variable Frequency Drive, or Variable Displacement capacity control.
  • Prescriptive incentives are only applicable to compressors that operate at 145 PSI (pounds per square inch) or below.
  • Primary storage is required on all projects.
  • Compressors must run a minimum of 2,000 hours a year. To calculate run hours, include only the hours that the end uses supplied by the compressor are operational (not the operating hours of the facility).
  • Compressors with VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) must have as a minimum a 3% impedance series reactor in its AC power input connection.
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