Commercial and Industrial Electric HVAC and Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps outside of a Massachusetts Business

January 1, 2022: The Sponsors of Mass Save® have proposed substantive updates to commercial program offerings as part of the 2022-2024 Energy Efficiency Plan. These updates are pending approval by the Department of Public Utilities, which is anticipated to occur no later than the end of January 2022. Upon approval, this page will reflect the updates to the offers. Rebates submitted prior to the end of January will be processed using the criteria below.

The Sponsors of Mass Save® offer incentives to help you install more efficient electric HVAC and Heat Pump equipment in your commercial facility. These incentives allow businesses of all types to receive the benefits from high-efficiency commercial HVAC and Heat Pump equipment and the lifetime energy savings they provide.


How to Participate:

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    Apply for Select Heat Pump Equipment Incentives – Incentives for ductless mini or multi-split or central ducted heat pump systems under 5.4 tons are available after installation is completed. For systems above 5.4 tons, please refer to the Instant Incentives information in #2.

    Visit our Heat Pump page for more information on eligible equipment, incentives and submittal instructions.




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    Receive Instant Incentives on Select Equipment – These Incentives are given at the time of purchase from participating HVAC distributors on select equipment including but not limited to, Heat Pump Systems >5.4 tons, Air-Conditioning Systems, VRF, ECM Pumps and HVAC Controls.

    Visit our Electric HVAC page for more information on eligible equipment, incentives and a list of participating distributors.

    For questions, please contact your Mass Save Electric Sponsor using the Find Your Sponsor Tool (right sidebar) for contact information for your area.

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