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The Sponsors of Mass Save's Small Business Program

Let us help your small business save money and energy with a no-cost energy assessment.

Money and energy saved through energy efficiency can directly impact a business’s bottom line. The Sponsors of Mass Save want to help support your small business with a no-cost, no-obligation energy assessment.

How it works:

In one brief visit, a trusted Energy Specialist will walk through your building to discover energy-saving opportunities. Within one to two weeks, you’ll receive a personalized proposal of recommended upgrades and eligible incentives, helping you save even more money and energy.

To schedule your no-cost energy assessment, contact your Mass Save Sponsor. Not sure who your Sponsor is? Use our “Find Your Sponsor” tool.

Find Your Sponsor

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Benefits of making your business more energy efficient:

  • Lower overhead costs and increase profit margins.
  • Create a more comfortable environment for your customers and employees.
  • Improve your business’s atmosphere and attract more customers.
  • Promote support for energy efficiency to energy-conscious customers.
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Follow these steps to start saving.

  1. Find your Sponsor with our tool.
  2. Get your energy assessment.
  3. Discover energy-saving opportunities.
  4. Receive your proposal with incentives.
  5. Schedule a date for installation.
  6. Enjoy the benefits of a more efficient business.